Proper Attic Ventilation is Essential in the Summer Months

Maintaining proper attic ventilation is a year-round issue, but it’s particularly important during the summer months. Solar energy radiating through your roof accumulates inside an enclosed attic, causing temperatures to soar as high as 150 degrees on an Ohio summer day. The attic often remains excessively hot well into the night, even after the outside air has cooled. This continuous reservoir [...]

Add a Home Dehumidifier to Stay Cool this Summer

One of the ways to help stay cool in a hot Ohio summer is choosing a home dehumidifier. Moist, humid air holds heat energy very efficiently and thus feels warmer. Dry air, on the other hand, doesn’t hold heat well, so the indoor environment feels cooler. That’s probably why the first A/C developed in 1902 by Willis Carrier was called an “air conditioner” — not simply an air cooler. It wa [...]

What is a Pinhole Leak?

How does a tiny pinhole leak turn into a big plumbing problem? Pinholes may leak continuously or dribble intermittently, apparently sealing themselves only to begin leaking again later. What’s most important about pinhole leaks is not what you see, but what you don’t see. Very often, pinhole leaks in a water supply line are external evidence of much more extensive internal deterioration. No le [...]

Common Injuries from DIY Electrical Work

Professionals who provide electrical services in Cincinnati are trained and certified in proper procedures. Safety is a big part of that training. While taking on do-it-yourself household projects like painting or carpentry can save money and increase your skills, the fact is most electrical work doesn’t belong in the DIY category because of the considerable safety risks. Leaving electrical serv [...]

Common Signs of an Electrical System Malfunction

Is your home telling you that you need electrical services in Cincinnati? Electrical components such as wiring, switches and power panels incur wear and tear over time, just like plumbing or any other system in your home. At some point, malfunctions result and require professional electrical services in Cincinnati. Because safety is a crucial issue with electricity, signs that electrical system ma [...]

Summer Safety: Watch Out for Downed Lines after a Storm

Promoting safety is an important part of the electrical services in Cincinnati provided by Apollo Heating, Cooling, Electric and Plumbing. In summer, the danger from power lines downed by a storm or other causes is real. People are out and about more in warm conditions. Meanwhile, pleasant summer weather can rapidly turn severe with heavy rains and wind, as well as lightning. All these factors ma [...]

Toilet Maintenance: Checking for Signs of Trouble

Are you seeing signs that you might need toilet repair in Cincinnati? Toilets generally aren’t a source of major malfunctions unless they become clogged. More minor toilet problems are usually related to water waste and annoyance. In fact, a toilet that “runs” continuously or intermittently is more than an irritation: it can consume as much as 4,000 gallons of water a year. A toilet incorpo [...]

Using Ceiling Fans to Keep Cool in the Summer

Using ceiling fans can give your air conditioner a helping hand this summer, in addition to lowering your cooling costs. For the average American home, the ideal perceived indoor temperature should be somewhere around 75 degrees. There are two ways to reach that desired comfort level: You can keep turning your thermostat down until the actual air temperature matches that reading, meanwhile raising [...]

What is a NATE Certified Technician (And Why You Should Care)

Is the person who comes to your home to perform HVAC installation, maintenance or repair a NATE certified technician? It’s important to ask before you schedule a service call with any HVAC contractor. Today’s cooling and heating systems incorporate complex technology that requires trained, certified field technicians. The published energy-efficiency and performance specifications of air condit [...]

3 Ways to Prevent a Clogged Drain in the Bathroom

The most effective technique for a clogged drain is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Bathroom drain clogs don’t happen out of the blue. In fact, they’re a very predictable result of daily events that eventually create a clog that requires a service call from a qualified professional plumber. Because the bathroom incorporates some of the most utilized plumbing fixtures in the ho [...]

Why You Might Need to Replace Your Air Filter More Often in the Summer

HVAC air filter replacement is important no matter what the season. There’s no more vital upkeep you can perform on your heating or cooling system than regular filter maintenance. It’s an easy DIY procedure that only takes a few moments. If your heating or cooling system is running on a daily basis, the filter should be checked and changed according to a regular schedule. Generally speaking, t [...]

The Latest in Home Theater Lighting

Home theater lighting shouldn’t be an afterthought when you’re designing your own in-house entertainment space. Lighting a home theater is different from illuminating other living spaces. This applies whether the room is a purpose-built theater space, or a converted room like a garage. Lighting sets the mood before the entertainment begins. Once the show starts, simply “dark” isn’t suffi [...]

Condensation on the Windows? What it Could Be a Sign Of

If you’re noticing condensation on the windows in your home, don’t blame the windows. Water vapor naturally condenses wherever air contacts cooler surfaces. Because glass transmits heat energy very efficiently, windows are typically the coolest surface in your house. Excess condensation on the windows is usually related to high indoor humidity levels rather than an issue with the windows thems [...]

3 Energy Saving Myths to Forget About This Summer

Energy saving myths seem to proliferate in summer when hot weather keeps air conditioners running overtime and monthly bills rising. Everybody’s looking for an easy way to save energy and cut expense without compromising indoor comfort. Unfortunately, many of the energy-saving myths “everybody knows” are true actually don’t hold up to scientific scrutiny and laboratory tests. While certain [...]

Clogged Drain in the Kitchen? It Could Be the Garbage Disposal

Water backing up in a sink with a garbage disposal might be from a clog in the drain pipe below — or a clog in the disposal unit itself. Tough, sinewy food matter that doesn’t belong in a disposal sometimes gets washed down into the unit. Another frequent cause of garbage disposal clogs is feeding too much dry material into the unit without running sufficient water to flush it past the dis [...]

3 Signs It's Time for a Plumbing Upgrade

Does your home need a plumbing upgrade? What goes on inside household plumbing is often a mystery to homeowners. Most of it’s installed out of sight and, unless or until something like a pipe rupture or drain clog occurs, few people give it much thought. However, as the rest of your home is aging, so’s your plumbing. Most pipes installed 20 years or more ago have a finite lifespan and those ho [...]

3 Reasons to Consider a Generator for Your Home

Reasons to consider a generator for your home are all around you: your lights, cooking and refrigeration needs, as well as communications and those high-tech electronics, too. Not to mention your family’s safety and security. Studies show that, even as our dependence on technology has spiraled upwards, the utility grid has become less reliable. Blackouts and brownouts are more common and ten [...]

Save Money with These 3 Water-Saving Strategies

While clean water from the tap was once in seemingly limitless and inexpensive supply, today water-saving strategies are critical to conserving this increasingly scarce and costly natural resource. Ever-growing demand puts stress on municipal supplies as well as natural sources in the great outdoors. Opening the monthly water bill is no longer a non-event, but a meaningful contributor to household [...]

A/C Noises: What to Ignore and When to Call for Help

A/C noises: are they simply an annoyance — or a warning of an impending cooling system breakdown this summer? Ideally, your central air conditioner keeps you comfortable while remaining well in the background of typical household sounds, barely registering in your awareness. Once you start noticing A/C noises, however, they may become hard to ignore. That’s the time to pay attention and decide [...]

How Balanced Home Ventilation Keeps You Comfortable

Balanced home ventilation means exhausting stale indoor air and inducting fresh outdoor air in equal volume, without impacting indoor temperatures. Usually, that won’t happen simply by opening windows. Standard exhaust fans can remove too much indoor air, depressurizing the house and drawing in unfiltered hot outdoor air in summer and cold air in winter. Balanced home ventilation utilizes a [...]