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Life is hard enough. Your water doesn’t have to be.

Have you ever taken your dishes out of the dishwasher and decided to run the cycle over again to get rid of new, random spots? Maybe you’ve taken a gulp of tap water that tasted worryingly like soil, or tried to hurriedly finish your shower under an underwhelming flow. There’s a culprit behind these little nuisances – and that culprit is hard water. 89.3% of homes in the U.S. have hard water, and while it’s safe to drink, it causes a whole host of other problems for homeowners. That’s why Apollo Home offers a full suite of water treatment services to Cincinnati and Northern KY residents.

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Water Softening 

A whole-house water softener both softens and filters the water that flows throughout your home.  Usually, it is made up of a tank with multiple filtration layers, each with their own special job. The key ingredient in most of these layers is activated carbon. As water flows through the softener, the carbon absorbs common contaminants and hardening agents such as chlorine, calcium, and magnesium.

Here are just a few things you’ll see after investing in a water softening system:

  • Reduced mineral build-up in appliances and plumbing, which will increase the overall service-life of your appliances 
  • No more gross, red discoloration in toilets 
  • Reduced wear and tear on clothing as they go through the wash  
  • Brighter skin and hair 
  • Better water flow during showers

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Water Filters 

While water softeners are specially designed to be filters for hard water, there are other kinds of water filters that focus on eradicating different contaminants – even in soft water. If you notice any of the following, or know your local water supply has these issues, you should look into water filtration:

  • Water that’s cloudy, impure, or suspect 
  • Water with a strong rotten egg odor or rust coloration (common with well water) 
  • High levels of chlorine, chloramines, chloroform, or intensely chemical odor 
  • High levels of organic toxins such as nitrates

The Apollo Home experts can help you choose which type of filtration system is right for your home. Call us at (513) 268-8400 or contact us online today to learn more about water filtration options in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area.

Descaling Services 

Over time, the ordinary flow of water can form a coating inside your pipes known as “scale.” This can slow the water flow in taps and showers, and prevent proper drainage. Descaling involves what you’d expect. We use hoses, water pressure, and safe chemicals to clear away the scale and free up your pipes to allow water to flow more efficiently.

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We’ve been doing this since 1910 – that’s over 100 years of expert plumbing and top-quality service. We also offer flexible financing options, and incentivize investment in your home’s long-term value via the Apollo Care Plan.

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