Cincinnati Sewer Pipe Lining Repair Services

Generally, repair your sewer pipe if it….

Trust Apollo Home for home sewer liner services in the Cincinnati area. We evaluate, repair and perform maintenance on all sewer pipes.

is reasonably accessible, is sized properly for the occupants of the home, and has a reasonable life expectancy after the cost of repair.

Apollo Care Plan

Think you might need sewer lining? Invest in an Apollo Care Plan – a plumbing inspection is one of the many benefits to members.

Consider replacing your sewer pipe if it…

is Orangeburg, is undersized for the occupants living in the home, is bellied or collapsed, is deformed or deteriorated, is beyond the lifespan of the existing pipe, or is your preference to eliminate worries related to your sewer issue.

There are several types of sewer pipes. An Apollo Home sewer specialist will be able to quickly ascertain what kind of pipe you have and its current overall condition.

If you’re wondering “what’s Orangeburg?” it’s a type of pipe material installed until about the 1970s. It is estimated to have a lifespan of approximately 50 years, so if your home’s plumbing contains it, it’s likely deteriorating and approaching replacement.

Depending on the type of pipe, its age and condition, and the type of sewer blockage program you have, having your pipes relined might be a viable solution.

Apollo Home offers no dig, pipe relining services, which may be the best solution for your blocked sewer lines. If you have a major sewer line blockage, our qualified professionals will educate you on your options of repairing or replacing your sewer lines.

When you need a new liner for your pipes, you need to hire a professional plumbing contractor you can trust. Plumbers unqualified to work with the epoxy and other lining materials may not install the new pipe lining correctly, compromising the integrity and durability of the new lining. This will cost you more money in the end because your new liner will not last as long as it should.

If you aren’t sure whether a relining service is the right solution for you, call us, and we’ll be glad to answer your questions.


Is your sewer pipe not working well? We repair all types.

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