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Why are Sump Pumps Important?

A sump pump is a must-have for homes, especially with finished basements, which may flood after heavy rains or leakage. It removes flood water from your home’s basement, minimizing damage to furnishings and stored items as well as potentially expensive repairs.

In addition, water-powered sump pumps act as a backup, running automatically via your home’s own water supply. If your house frequently floods, this product can provide invaluable peace of mind – it continues to work even in a power outage and you never need to worry about the battery.

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Sump Pumps Replacement and Repair

Whether your basement is finished or not, you should have a sump pump. For an unfinished space, a sump pump prevents water damage and mold. For finished spaces, well, it goes without saying. When shopping, keep these points in mind:

Switches can be floating, diaphragm or mercury. Any of the three will do the job, but make sure it’s an automatic switch wired to your home’s electricity. Your pump will be activated whether you’re home or not. Have a battery backup in the event of a power outage.

Pay attention to the gallons per minute or gallons per hour that the sump pump can move, as well as the lift. You want a pump strong enough to lift the water out of the basin and send it through the pipes in your basement.

Suspect your sump pump is broken? If so, Apollo Home’s licensed and trained plumbers will do what it takes to get your sump pump chugging away before the next rainstorm or install a new one, often on the same day.

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