Cincinnati Sewer Hydro-Jetting Services

Sounds like a cool excursion sport to try on a beach vacation. In reality, it’s a means of clearing sewer lines.

How Hydro Jetting Works

Various degrees of water pressure are used in “jetters” to cut through grease and other debris buildup in drain pipes. The jetters then draw the obstruction to a point where it can be vacuumed out, delivering a more comprehensive cleaning.

Other situations creating clogs and the need for Hydro Jetting include: damage to the pipes from construction, foreign objects in the line, frozen or damaged pipes, chemicals washed down the drain, ground movement/settling, and tree roots and collected hair and debris.

Our team of professionals are background checked, drug-tested and receive ongoing education so they are familiar with all technologies available to assist you. They are happy to walk you through their investigative process as well as recommendations for repair or replacement.

Apollo Care Plan

An annual plumbing inspection is included in the Plan. Use this benefit to determine if you need services like hydro jetting before big problems surface.


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