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Trust Apollo Home for Your Smart Home Integration

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Have you ever been out with a friend and seen them close a garage door accidentally left open with a push of a button on their phone and thought to yourself, “Wow, that is incredibly convenient.”? Technology is advancing every day, and there are a plethora of devices that can make your home life that much more convenient.

Trust Apollo Home for Your Smart Home Integration

We can connect your AC or heater, lighting, security system, sound system, garage doors, exterior doors (front and back), and other systems to your smart home hub to give you greater control over your comfort, security, and energy usage. Our team can connect and program your systems to all work together. Call us at (513) 647-9945 for more information.

Benefits of Living in a Smart Home

Here are some commonly cited benefits our Cincinnati clients mention about their new smart home systems we install:

  • Easy Home Monitoring: Keeping an eye on your pets, kids, and front door while away from home brings peace of mind.
  • Reduces Energy Use: Forgetting to turn off a light, turn down the thermostat, or turn off the oven isn’t a problem for smart homeowners. Smart devices can be accessed with the touch of a button on your phone and let you reduce energy use and lower utility bills.
  • Improved Security: Shutting a garage door, watching motion-activated cameras, using two-way intercoms, and having sensors on doors and windows all make securing and monitoring your house that much easier.
  • Comfort & Convenience: Smart Home programming lets you set automatic schedules for temperature, lighting, reminders, and more. Lighting systems can have modes for the perfect ambiance for early mornings, returning for work, movie-watching, reading, etc. You can control any smart device with just your voice, controlling anything from the TV to the stereo.

Want to learn more about the advantages of smart home integration? Contact Apollo Home to schedule an appointment and get started! You can depend on our expertise and experience to install and program your Greater Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky smart home so you can start living the futuristic lifestyle you desire.

Google Nest Home Automation Solutions

The Google Nest line of products is one of the leading home automation brands in America. They all connect and work together to make controlling your home easy and convenient. The suite of user-friendly Nest products includes thermostats, doorbells, security cameras, motion detectors, smoke and CO detectors, and more.

Nest Thermostats

smart thermostat and smart phone
The Nest thermostat replaces your current thermostat. It connects to your wifi so you can control your home’s temperature from your phone or even with your voice.

Certified by the EPA as an Energy Star product in 2017, independent data has shown an average savings of 10-12% on heating and 15% on air conditioning costs. Some users report their savings for the device in under two years!

The Nest thermostat takes more accurate readings and communicates with your HVAC system for optimal energy savings. It’s a “smart thermostat” that learns your habits and thermostats to create schedules to maximize your comfort and your system’s efficiency.

There are several Nest thermostat models, each with a few different features.

Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Nest video doorbell
A video front doorbell is the best way to keep tabs on your front porch, even when you aren’t home. It alerts you when you have visitors, new packages, or even porch pirates.

You can stream video directly to your phone and converse with visitors at your door with a high-definition microphone and speaker. You can even leave messages for guests through the doorbell so they know they’ve missed you.

The Nest Hello doorbell features HD video with a 160-degree field of view, night vision, and even a “quiet time” feature for when your child is napping.

The doorbell detects people, motion, and sounds and send you alerts via the app or via Bluetooth devices.

Google Nest Security System

Nest Guard
Nest’s security system is easy and convenient but alert enough to detect the bad guys. The Nest Secure security system includes the Nest Guard, Nest Detect, Nest Tag, and Nest App.

The Nest Guard encompasses the alarm, keypad, and motion sensor. Use the app, your passcode, or the Nest Tag to arm or disarm the system.

Forget to set your alarm? A Remind Me alert on your app will pop up to remind you to set it remotely with your app.

If anything triggers your alarm, your app will notify you and show you what exactly triggered the alarm – such as a door opening, and allow you to contact the police if necessary.

Nest Cameras

Nest Cam IQ outdoorThe Nest surveillance system provides 7 days a week live video, alerts to your phone, 3-hour snapshot history, night vision, and 1080p HD resolution.

Nest offers indoor and outdoor camera models. It can recognize a person up to 50 feet away and alert you with a snapshot photo. Many camera models include a microphone and speaker, so you can talk to the neighborhood kid or tell a pet to get off the sofa.

Three hours of images are automatically saved in the Nest app, and you can record up to 30 days of video, safely encrypted and protected in the cloud with the Nest Aware subscription.

Nest Detect & Tag

Nest tagThe Nest Detect senses motion and the opening or closing of a door or window. Features like Quiet Open allow you to let the dog out while keeping the house armed. With Dog Pass, smaller dogs are identified and do not set off the motion sensor alarm.

The Nest Tag provides access to family or trusted friends, like babysitters or dog walkers. Enable the Nest Tag key fob and they won’t have to remember any complicated codes or instructions for arming or disarming the security system. They are water-resistant and can be easily disabled from the Nest App if they are lost.

Nest x Yale Door Lock

Yale smart lockThe Nest x Yale door lock replaces your old-fashioned deadbolt with a tamper-proof Nest x Lock. You can lock and unlock your door from your phone. You can set passwords for friends or family members, and even put expiration dates on the codes if you only need them temporarily. You can even set a timer on the lock to automatically lock after a certain period, which is handy if you have a child who constantly forgets to lock the door!

If anyone tries to tamper with the lock, you receive an alert on your app. The ability to unlock your door from your car and carry in an armload of groceries without fiddling with your keys is immensely convenient.

Other Smart Home Devices

There is a wide variety of options when it comes to smart devices: smoke & carbon monoxide detectors, garage door openers, colorful LEDs with varying brightness, smart speakers, and more.

If you are considering upgrading your Cincinnati home into an integrated smart home, we can help! Apollo Home can help you install, connect, and configure all your compatible devices smart home devices so you don’t have to deal with setting everything up yourself. Schedule an appointment today!

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"Ernie & Mike did a superb job on my new furnace and A/C installation. Despite having more than a day’s work to do, they came in and stayed until the job was done. They were organized, efficient, and protected the rest of the house well. Got both furnace and A/C installed the same day. Ernie was courteous, informative, and clearly knew his job better than anyone I’ve encountered before. The units look so good guests now get The Tour of our new system. Apollo is clearly not a fly-by-night company. I would recommend them to anyone in need of a new furnace and/or A/C."
- Jerry A.
"I called Apollo because of a water leak I thought I had in our upstairs shower going into the kitchen. Robbie came and assured me everything was fine & looked at all the other plumbing. He ended up changing a few pipes for our washer & clearing a drain. He was very nice & knowledgeable with all my questions. I ended up signing up for the care plan & was very happy with my service."
- Cassandra B.
"The team at Apollo exceeded my expectations. As a business owner, my attention to the details and commitment to providing excellent service is high. From the sales rep. to the installation team, everyone’s performance was outstanding. For example, the installation team went to great lengths to protect our floors, placing floor runners and across the wood floors and up the stairs. They even were spot washing walls upon their departure. I highly recommend this company."
- Randy B.
"We scheduled an estimate AND a tune-up. We knew something was wrong with our furnace, but hoped we could make it through the rest of the season. Upon telling Bill what our furnace was doing, he warned us immediately what the possible outcome was going to be; a cracked heat exchanger. He watched the flames roll backward, tested carbon monoxide levels, which were so high they meter’s last reading was 5,600 before saying “high”. He immediately shut it down, tagged it, and explained that with levels that high and children in our home he wanted off right away. He continued his inspection and showed us via a camera that not only was it cracked in multiple places, but had holes all over it. He gave us a few options for repairing it; his knowledge as well as genuine concern was beneficial and refreshing. Luckily we also scheduled an estimator, Micah, to come too and we were able to get costs between repairing and replacing (with several options). We decided to replace with a much higher efficiency furnace and one sized properly to our home. Hands down, not only did they both provide us great service and knowledge, but without sounding dramatic, they may have saved our lives. This was our first time calling Apollo, but it won’t be our last."
- Sarah B.
"Apollo is an excellent company. I always receive great service. Alex A. was professional and friendly. He kept me informed during the process of checking my furnace and heat pump to make sure they were working properly. The company makes sure you are notified who is coming and when they are on the way. All my interactions with the company have been wonderful."
- Beverly S.



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