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If you grew up reading Popular Mechanics or watching The Jetsons, you undoubtedly saw visions of a future where computers and advances in AI technology made everyday life a little more comfortable. What was once science fiction is now a residential reality, and there are plenty of smart home features you can install and enjoy today. At Apollo Home, it is our pleasure to help you integrate these smart home features into your daily life.

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Enjoy the Convenience of Smart Home Integration

Integrating your smart home systems enhances their ability to serve your needs. Connecting your HVAC, lighting, plumbing, and other systems gives you greater control over your comfort and security. Our team can connect and program your systems to work together as part of a cohesive unit.


Benefits of Living in a Smart Home

There are so many benefits to integrating smart home technology that it’s hard to know where to start. The following are some of the most commonly cited benefits our clients mention about the smart home systems we install:

  • Easy Home Monitoring. Whether you’re keeping an eye on Fido or the kids, cameras, speakers, and motion sensors make it easy for parents to ensure everyone in the home is safe and secure while they’re away.
  • Reduces Energy Usage. Forgetting to turn the lights off or turn the heat down when the temperature rises isn’t a problem with smart home systems. Ease of access makes it possible to reduce energy usage when it’s not needed, and this, in turn, trims significant chunks off natural gas, electric, and water bills.
  • Improved Security. Motion-activated cameras, two-way intercoms, and other smart home features make it possible to answer the door while you are away, monitor access to the home, and more.
  • Convenience. Programming features allow smart home systems to adjust the temperature automatically as the weather changes. Lighting systems can be adjusted to deliver the perfect ambiance for early morning, when you return from work, or when you’re relaxing at the end of the day. Further, easy-access controls make it possible to control everything from the TV to the stereo from any room in the house with nothing more than the sound of your voice.

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FAQs About Smart Home Integration

Can Smart Home Systems Monitor Plumbing and Irrigation Systems?

Absolutely. They can tell you how much water you are using, whether leaks are detected, and even whether the grass needs a little more water.

Can Systems Be Hacked?

This is the most common concern, and yes, they can be hacked if not properly secured. This is why we recommend coupling them with strong routers and passwords, and installing security updates when they appear.

Can Systems Be Upgraded? 

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. That means more devices and more features are becoming available. Our team understands this, and we make it easy to integrate new features and smart home systems that come down the line.

Why Choose Apollo Home?

Our goal is your complete comfort and satisfaction. When we integrate your smart home systems, you can depend on our expertise and experience to deliver the futuristic lifestyle you desire. Our industry-certified education program ensures you will always receive the highest quality service.

Ready to enjoy the convenience of smart home integration in your Tri-State home? Contact Apollo Home by calling (513) 268-8400 today!

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