Apollo Care Plan

Keep all your systems running safely and efficiently with a Care Plan from Apollo Home

Apollo Care Plan for Greater Cincinnati Homeowners

It’s Not Just Any Home – It’s Your Home and it Deserves the Apollo Care Plan…

Apollo Home provides you peace of mind by focusing on the health, comfort, safety and efficiency of your whole home. We are your partner in caring for all your home mechanicals including heating, cooling, ventilation, electrical, plumbing and sewer systems.

At Apollo Home, we believe the easiest step a homeowner can take is a proactive one. We believe this approach to maintaining your home will save you time and provide the most value. Put your home care on “auto-pilot.” Spend your free time enjoying your family and your life.

The Apollo Care Plan includes two maintenance visits (a tune-up for heating and a tune-up for cooling), a plumbing evaluation, an electrical evaluation, priority scheduling, reduced trip charges, and no overtime charges for 24/7 emergency service.

Properly maintained equipment will operate safely and at maximum efficiency, saving you hassles, utility costs and extending the life of your systems.


Exclusive Member Benefits at $15.95 per month:


Apollo Care Plan

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