Cincinnati Whole-Home Surge Protection Services

Protect your entire home from power surges

General Household

Chances are you’ve graduated from basic surge protection strips. When installed at the main service panel in your home, your electrical system, electronics and appliances are protected from internal and external power surges.

Many newer appliances use high-tech circuit boards to operate. Televisions, washers, dryers, dishwashers, microwaves, security systems and more use them and would be expensive and inconvenient to repair or replace. Whole Home Surge Protection is essentially a secondary home insurance policy as it insulates expensive electronics and appliances from unexpected damages.

Surges can come from multiple sources and are not limited to external events such as thunderstorm activity. Surge protection also contributes to home safety and carries a limited warranty.

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Enjoy a Home Office?

Beyond usual home appliances and electronics, if you maintain a home office, you may especially benefit from Whole Home Surge Protection. Take a moment and think about the computer, monitor, laptops, tablets, phone chargers and other devices you may have plugged in for your occupation.

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Recreation Needs

Does your family own a home theater with multiple speakers and components? How about expensive gaming systems? How many of those are plugged in constantly? Do you have multiple AC systems, pool or hot tub pumps and other motor bearing equipment?

Are you planning on purchasing new electronics in the future? Our licensed and insured electricians are happy to consult with you about your options and explain every step of the process. We offer transparency in all our service pricing and encourage questions.

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