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AC Repair Service Is Just a Phone Call Away

During the hot, humid Cincinnati summer, a working air conditioner isn’t just a luxury — it’s essential. When you return home from a workout at Eden Park or a day of fun at one of Cincinnati’s many festivals to find a broken air conditioner, that’s not just an inconvenience. It’s an air conditioning emergency that simply cannot wait.

We offer our customers timely, quality air conditioning repair Cincinnati residents can trust. We have an A+ BBB rating and have outstanding customer reviews. We also offer free estimates on new air conditioning equipment. Feel free to look over our review page and do what so many of your neighbors do and choose Apollo Home!

Here are just some of the air conditioning repair services we offer in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky:

  • Compressor
  • Refrigerant leak and recharge
  • Fan belt replacement
  • Fan blade
  • Blower motor replacement
  • Electrical components
  • And much more!

Before we begin any AC project, we diagnose the problem and explain your options and prices. We walk through our competitive pricing so you’re fully informed and avoid any surprises. Once you have all the information you need to review and make an informed decision, we move forward with your HVAC repair.

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Common Air Conditioner Issues in Cincinnati, Ohio

While residential central air systems are hardy systems, many things can go wrong with such complicated machines. Some of the top reasons to schedule contractors to make air conditioning repair in Cincinnati are:

  1. AC unit won’t turn on
  2. System is on, but it produces warm or lukewarm air
  3. AC produces cool air, but the airflow is weak
  4. Strange noises when AC starts or runs
  5. Odd smells from AC vents or the HVAC equipment
  6. System runs, but the air is still humid in the house
  7. Air conditioner is leaking water outside
  8. Outside unit is freezing up
  9. Short-cycles — the AC turns on and off frequently without cooling the whole house

Are you experiencing any of these common air conditioner problems? Schedule your air conditioning repair service from Apollo Home today!

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How To Tell if You Should Repair or Replace Your Cincinnati AC Unit

An HVAC system repair or replacement decision isn’t always an easy one to make. You may want to squeeze a few more years out of your current system, but you understand the financial risks. So, if you’re in a repair or replace dilemma with a cooling or heating system, you’re on the right page to get answers to questions.

Should I Repair My Air Conditioner?

New air conditioner installation is a big investment for Cincinnati homeowners. There are many factors to repair or replace your AC, and factors are unique to each homeowner. For instance, if you’re facing an AC repair, consider the size of your household and how often you use the cooling system. Also, consider the maintenance history and if it got the job done.

It’s Better To Repair Your AC When:

  • It’s a simple repair, and you can make practical home efficiency upgrades to lighten the load, save energy, and boost comfort.
  • The HVAC system has performed well and rarely needs repairs.
  • The air conditioner or heat pump is less than 10 years old.

Should I Replace My Air Conditioner?

With higher SEER requirements in recent years, a new HVAC system offers greater energy savings and comfort along with better performance features. Here are a few more considerations:

  • If you plan to stay in your home for several years, take advantage of energy savings and superior comfort now.
  • Is your home overly humid during summer? A new AC is better at reducing indoor moisture.
  • Does your current model short cycle or leave uneven temperatures in the home? A properly sized air conditioner fully cools your house and lasts longer.
  • Is your broken air conditioner inefficient? Is the cost of an efficient AC replacement only a little more than the repair expense? You could gain energy savings and a new warranty by spending a little more to replace.

Ask your HVAC professional to inspect the entire HVAC system, including ductwork. Leaky, cracked, or inefficient ductwork could be causing a lot of your air conditioning problems. Also, ask for a return on investment and lifetime cost analysis with your free estimate.

This helps you evaluate energy savings with the new air conditioner. These steps make the repair or replacement question easier.

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AC Cleaning & Preventive Maintenance Services

Every air conditioner runs better when it’s well maintained. Keep your air conditioner running as efficiently and as long as possible with preventive AC services. We perform comprehensive inspections, cleanings, and tests with every AC tune-up.

To make it easy and cost-effective, we offer the Apollo Home Care Plan. It includes two HVAC tune-ups each year, plus annual plumbing and electrical system evaluations. We are your whole-home mechanical health provider. The Apollo Care Plan membership also includes priority scheduling, discounts, and other perks. We recommend you ask your technician about joining today!

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We agree to accept responsibility for your complete satisfaction with the service provided by Apollo Home and paid for by you. If you are dissatisfied with our work, we will promptly correct the problem or keep working until the problem is resolved.


We know your time is valuable, so Apollo Home promises to arrive at your home within the time window that you select. If our technician doesn’t arrive on time, we will waive the trip charge.*

No Breakdown Guarantee

We guarantee that if the same part or repair fails in the first year, we will replace the part and do the repair again for free.*

*$79 Trip charge waved. Refrigerant excluded for Breakdown Free guarantee.

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