Cincinnati Trenchless Sewer Repair Services

Trust Apollo Home for trenchless sewer repair services in the Cincinnati area. Our no dig sewer repairs keep your yard from turning into a mess.

No Dig Sewer Repair

Installing a new lining inside your existing pipes requires very little digging or intrusion. Pipe liners are often referred to as a “pipe within a pipe,” because of their durability and seamless inner coating.

Steps to relining your sewer pipes include:

  1. Our expert sewer line technicians will clear the pipes to be relined.
  2. We also use a video camera to confirm all debris or clogs are removed before we begin the installation.
  3. Once the pipes are clear, we insert a fabric tube treated with the lining materials into the pipe to cover the entire length of the damaged pipe.
  4. We then inflate the tube while the lining materials dry and harden.


This relining solution will provide a smooth and durable lining able to withstand structural and external stress. The smooth inner walls will also increase the efficiency of your plumbing system and prevent clogs and backups. While you might think the reduced diameter of the new pipe liner will restrict water flow, the size reduction is insignificant and will not affect the pipe’s performance.

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