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Top Thanksgiving Foods that Cause Holiday Havoc in your Drains

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Thanksgiving is a time to pile your plate high with all the trimmings, but the same does not apply to piling things down your drain. Shoving the wrong stuff down your garbage disposal could mean you’ll have to be most thankful for a plumber to clean your drains this holiday.

Just because your garbage disposal can grind up what you fed it doesn’t mean it’s good for the appliance or the drains that lead from your sink.

Here are some foods you should not put down the disposal:

Fibrous vegetables

They might be good for you, but they are not good for your plumbing. Things like celery, edamame pods and asparagus have a stringy consistency and are hard to break down.

Fruit peels

Because they are thin and light, fruit peels can sometimes get tossed around by the disposal but not chopped up. The peels go straight down the drain where they can clog the pipes. If you do feed peels down the disposal, be sure to limit the amount going in at one time. Banana peels are fibrous and should be composted.


Though they are delicate, eggshells don’t decompose quickly and can accumulate in the drain. The shells can also dull the disposal grinders.

Starchy food

If you are watching your waistline you probably should go light on things like rice, pasta and potatoes. Same for your disposal. Leftovers of starchy foods can clump up in your drains and become a fairly sticky clog.

Grease and oils

Keeping grease and oils out of your drain will keep clogs at bay. These substances and quickly become a solid in your drain. That doesn’t just mean bacon grease. Things like creamy sauces and butter can do the same. If you do pour a small amount of grease down the drain, do so while running cold water to cause that small amount of grease to solidify giving your disposal a fighting chance to break it up.

Coffee grounds

More guests mean more coffee, but don’t let them toss the grounds down the disposal. They turn thick and gunky and muck up your drains.


Here are foods you can put down the disposal:

Small bones

Surprisingly you can make that wish on the wishbone and then toss it into the disposal. Disposals with 1 horsepower or greater can do the job of breaking up small bones.

Cooked meat

While raw meat should be composted, cooked meat can go right down the disposal.

Citrus rinds

Small rinds of citrus fruits are okay to go down your disposal and can help to make it smell fresh.


Most of your cooked leftovers in small quantities won’t give your disposal or your drains much of an issue.

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