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Tips for Managing Spring Allergies

post img Ah, Spring. Warmer weather, birds chirping, flowers blooming, and you sniffling and sneezing. When you suffer from spring allergies, the latter sounds all too familiar. For many, tree pollen is the biggest spring allergy trigger. Trees along with grasses and weeds release their pollen in the air to fertilize other plants. Pollen can travel for miles, so it’s not just about the plants in your neighborhood. Unfortunately, when those tiny grains get into the nose of someone who is allergic, their body’s defenses go into overdrive. So besides doing a rain dance in hope a spring storm washes the pollen away, what else can you do to keep the pollen at bay?

Check the Weather

Weather forecasts and weather apps are great resources to learn the conditions such as wind increase for high pollen days.

Check Local Air Quality

Head over to the Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency website and check out the daily pollen and mold counts in the area.  They even rate which trees and mold are the most prevalent pollen producers that day.

Stay Indoors

Whenever count is very high, stay indoors. Pollen counts usually peak in the mornings.

Take a Shower

Changing your clothes and taking a shower after going outside will remove the pollen that can accumulate on your clothes and hair.

Minimize Indoor Pollen

    • Vacuum twice a week to remove pollen, mold, and dust trapped in your carpet.
    • Clean the air filters in your home often and use HEPA filters
    • Dust bookshelves, vents, and other places where pollen can collect.
    • Keep your doors and windows closed during the spring months to keep allergens out.
    • Install a whole house air cleaner to help remove pollen and other allergens for your indoor air.
    • Have your ducts cleaned to remove pollen, mold and other particles from circulating through your home.
Why suffer from spring allergies outside and inside? We can’t control the allergens outside, but we can help control them inside. The experts at Apollo Home are here to help provide expert Indoor Air Quality service, helpful advice and useful products to make your home’s air healthier. Breathe easier indoors this spring, with Apollo Home.
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