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What Items Are Safe to Put Down Your Drains?

post img It’s tempting to toss just about anything down the sink to get it out of sight and out of mind. But, what you put down the drain might come back to cause bigger issues!  

 Here’s what is A-Okay to go down your drain!

  1. Soft foods: If your choppers can chop it up, then so can your garbage disposal
  2. Liquids: down the hatch and down the drain!
  3. Vegetables: Eat your veggies, but if you have some left over toss the non-fibrous ones down the drain.
  4. Leftovers: Clean your plate and then slowly let the garbage disposal take care of the rest.

    Check out our list of things you cannot put down your kitchen sink!

  1. Grease, Oils and Fats: pour liquid grease into a container until it hardens and then toss it in the trash. Pour it in your kitchen sink and the hardening happens in your drain!
  2. Paper Towels: they are great to absorb that spill but they’ll keep expanding in your drain
  3. Pasta: After you mangia, toss the leftovers in the trash. Pasta will gum your drain.
  4. Flour: Seems harmless but flour mixes with the water in your sink to make a gooey paste.
  5. Medications: Less about a clog and more an environmental no-no because medications can end up in the eco-system.
  6. Coffee Grounds: You think you’re sluggish in the morning! Toss your grounds down the drain and see what happens.
  7. Rice: Don’t underestimate the power of grains of rice to expand and create clogs in your drain
  8. Eggshells: You shouldn’t walk on them and definitely don’t toss them down the drain. In addition to dulling your garbage disposal, the shells can attach to the sides of the drain and invite additional waste to join in.
  9. Potato Peels: One potato, two potato…these peels will have you singing a sad song when their starchy selves clog your drain.
  10. Seafood shells– Your drain will really feel the pinch when those crab, lobster or shrimp shells get stuck there.

Three P Rule for Potties-What is safe and not safe in the toilet?

  Experts suggest following the “three P rule” for keeping sewer drains clear–only Pee, Poop and (toilet) Paper is good to go when you’ve got to go. Feminine products, flushable wipes, condoms, baby wipes and other hygiene products are bound to bind up your sewer line.   If you have a clogged drain, Apollo Home can help with fast and reliable solutions. Call us today for professional drain cleaning services!  
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