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Upgrade Home Insulation, Gain These 3 Benefits

post img With colder temperatures on the horizon, there’s no time like the present to consider weatherizing your home to boost energy savings. One easy way to help your home stay warm: upgrade home insulation. Here are three important reasons why homeowners in the greater Cincinnati area should consider the upgrade:
  1. Improved home comfort: Insulation has benefits in every part of your home. Insulating the ceiling keeps the sun’s heat outside in the summer months. In winter, this same insulation helps to keep heat inside, as it naturally rises after being heated by your furnace. Under-floor insulation keeps those floors warmer throughout the winter and, along with ceiling and wall insulation, helps avoid drafts in your home. All this adds up to much greater home comfort and…
  2. Lower energy bills: A well-insulated home needs to rely less upon its heating and cooling system to maintain the comfort of the occupants. Since energy costs seem to be headed nowhere but up, adding insulation to make your house more energy efficient is an excellent long-term investment. Over time, your monthly savings add up and your cost-effective insulation job will pay for itself. After that, it’s all profit for your family as you continue to save for years to come.
  3.  Better sound control: Insulation materials help to lower the noise level in your home by dulling sound coming in from outdoors. It also serves to partially block sound waves from traveling from room to room. If you don’t like the same music as your kids, this can be a great benefit! With little or no insulation, it would be so noisy (and of course usually too hot or too cold for comfort) that you’d feel like you were living outdoors. Insulation rescues you by deflecting sound (due to the insulation’s density) and also absorbing some of it within the air pockets formed within the insulation material before it can get to you.
Besides these basic benefits, your more airtight home will have better indoor air quality and a decreased impact on the environment. Would you like to upgrade home insulation? If you need assistance or just want to ask a question, contact the experts at Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. Visit our website for more HVAC information or just give us a call. Image via
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