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Seal Air Leaks Before the Seasons Change for Maximum Savings

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Sealing your home against the cold air of the greater Cincinnati area winter is an effective way to realize savings on your heating costs. It also will save you money during the summer months ahead. According to, approximately 45 percent of a home’s power usage is from heating. You can save on that heating portion of your home’s energy bill by having a professional audit of your home, sealing air leaks and improving insulation.

Why act now?

While cooler weather is no friend to your heating bill, it can make it much easier to find cracks and spots where you need to seal air leaks. Drafts created by poor insulation and leaks in your exterior walls, windows and doors can help to identify major problem areas. Those same leaks are certainly still there in the warmer months, running up your cooling bill, but they’re not as easy to identify. Finding the problem areas now while temperatures are still cooler will allow you to save during any further cold weather and into spring and summer.

Home weatherization

To seal air leaks, there are many areas of your home that should be checked. Major sources for air leaks include in and around:
  • Doors and windows
  • Electrical outlets and switch plates
  • Fixtures that bisect the wall, such as air conditioners, utility services, dryer vents and wires
  • Attic areas such as the hatch and around rafters
Professionals will use a variety of methods to find and seal air leaks. A blower door test is one of the most useful tools to identify cracks and leakage. To seal air leaks, professionals might recommend anything from new weatherstripping and caulking to replacing old windows. Once air leaks are identified and sealed, additional insulation can be added to your attic or other spaces that might need it. A professional will identify all of your options so you can find solutions that fit your budget. Contact us at Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing to address and seal air leaks in your greater Cincinnati home. We’ve been proudly serving the needs of Cincinnati area homeowners since 1910. Image via
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