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Use Your Programmable Thermostat for Best Air Conditioner Efficiency

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Kids Are Out of School – Adjust Your Programming Accordingly

If your children are home from school or a spouse has recently retired, you may want to adjust your thermostat settings. More people in the home during the day can affect the cooling needs and your air conditioner efficiency. Take advantage of the multiple settings or programming features on your thermostat to accommodate this change in your household’s routine. If you don’t have a programmable or Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat, contact home services provider Apollo Home. They’ve been helping Greater Cincinnati residents for more than 100 years with the safety, comfort and evolving technology of heating and air. It may seem obvious, but it doesn’t pay to cool your home when no one’s there. With busy schedules, you may not have made the move to adjust the programming. It’s not advised to turn off your air conditioning completely because your AC unit will have to strain itself to return to the preferred temperature when you return. Also, it’s important to be mindful of your pets, if you have them.

Air Conditioner Efficiency Benefits

When your air conditioner efficiency is improved, you lower your utility bills, of course. Optimal air conditioner efficiency also lengthens your AC unit’s lifespan, by reducing excess wear and tear. To keep your air conditioner equipment in the best shape, be sure to maintain it regularly. The easiest way is to join a service plan from a trusted local HVAC provider, such as Apollo Home. The Apollo Care Plan includes comprehensive tune-ups of a home’s heating and cooling systems, as well as annual plumbing or sewer and electrical evaluations. Other benefits include priority scheduling and a VIP phone number reserved for plan members.

Nest Technology…the Next Frontier

If you’ve walked through a big box store lately or watched HGTV, you’ve probably heard of Nest products. This innovative line includes smart thermostats. These thermostats are programmable, Wi-Fi-enabled and after a week of manual programming, “learn” your household’s rhythms and adjust accordingly. With a modern face, the Nest thermostats communicate with your HVAC system and can alert you to unusual function necessitating a service call or repair. The Nest device will also remind you when the filter needs to be changed or cleaned. The Nest line of products available from Apollo Home includes temperature sensors, doorbells, security cameras and smoke and CO detectors. These items also make a great gift for loved ones. Curious about the cool applications? Call Apollo Home to learn more. Apollo Home provides technicians with constant continuing education to share new technologies with customers.

Additional Thermostat Considerations

Whenever installing a new thermostat, be sure to select a location on an interior wall, away from drafts, doorways, windows and direct sunlight. All of these can cause faulty readings. A professional electrician, if new wiring is needed, or a heating and air technician can advise you. An ideal place is where natural room air currents occur, such as warm air rising and cool air sinking.  

Combine Maintenance and Programmability for Ultimate Air Conditioner Efficiency

Whether it’s weekends spent away for travel sports or children going back to school (August 15 for most Cincinnati kids!), it’s important to program your thermostat accordingly. Call Apollo Home to learn more about the Nest line of products, other programmable thermostats and our Apollo Care Plan. The plan is designed to preserve your home’s systems and to reduce time lost from inconvenient repairs. Our uniformed technicians are licensed, insured and thoroughly background checked for your peace of mind. They are industry-certified and receive ongoing training to repair any brand your home currently uses. They are always happy to answer any questions about their service process or how to care for your equipment. Call Apollo Home today!
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