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How Does Ceiling Fan Direction Impact Your Indoor Comfort?

post img Many homeowners use ceiling fans as an alternative to running the air conditioner at certain times of year. What you may not realize is that simply switching ceiling fan direction can have a positive impact on indoor comfort all year long.

Ceiling Fan Blade Direction Basics

Switching blade direction is an easy task to tackle at the start of the cooling and heating seasons. It’s just a matter of adjusting the small control button found on the fan housing. Always make sure that the ceiling fan is turned off before making the switch to avert the risk of injury.
  • For the summer, the blades should spin forward. When they’re moving in the counterclockwise direction, the motion of the blades creates a downward wind chill effect. That air movement across the skin speeds up moisture evaporation, so a body feels cooler.
  • In cold weather, put the blades in reverse. When the heating system is running, all the warm air it produces naturally migrates to the highest point in each room — the ceiling. Having the ceiling fan blades spinning clockwise helps push it back down into the living area so you can benefit fully from the warmth.
If you’re unsure which direction the button is set to, turn the fan on its slowest speed and stand underneath. Look at the blade direction — clockwise or counterclockwise — and note whether you feel any air movement.

Bonuses of Operating Ceiling Fans Year-Round

Switching blade direction according to the seasons and running ceiling fans throughout the year offers some distinct advantages:
  • With the boost in comfort that’s achieved, you can adjust the thermostat setting by a few degrees both winter and summer to save on energy consumption and reduce heating and cooling costs.
  • Since the furnace and A/C don’t have to work as hard to maintain your desired comfort level, there’s less wear on the equipment. This can help prolong its useful life  span.
For more information on how ceiling fan direction can improve the comfort in your greater Cincinnati home, contact us at Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. Image via
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