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How Cincinnati Homeowners Can Extend the Life of a Home HVAC System

post img While you can’t put a price on the comfort and safety of your family, it’s nice to save money where you can. Heating and cooling equipment is a major investment, with an average life span of between 12 and 15 years, but that doesn’t mean it can’t last longer. Read on for some great tips on extending the life of an HVAC system and making the most of your investment. 

Change the Air Filter

  • Dirty air filters restrict airflow to the air handler, placing undue stress on the fan motor. Over time, this may lead to system failure or an overheated or burned out motor.
  • Once the filter has become clogged, it can no longer trap dirt or allergens, which are forced to go around the filter and circulate through HVAC equipment, ductwork and indoor air.
  • In addition to relieving the strain on equipment, a clean air filter can also help reduce energy bills through increased efficiency.

Keep It Clean

The outdoor condensing unit of a split system A/C contains metal coils that need to be clear of debris. Hose off the unit with a light pressure spray, and keep surrounding grass and foliage trimmed neatly.

Call for Service

One of the best ways of extending the life of an HVAC system is through annual preventive maintenance each spring and fall, when your contractor will inspect, clean and tune your home’s heating or cooling equipment.

Go With the Flow

Promote air circulation by keeping all vents open and free from obstruction by furniture or drapes. Closing the vents in unused rooms in an effort to save energy can have the opposite effect, as the system consumes more energy and wears out faster, trying to compensate for the gaps in airflow.

Work the Room

Periodically clean duct and vent grills in each room, either with a vacuum or wiping with a rag, to remove any dirt or debris. For more tips on extending the life of an HVAC system, give us a call at Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. We’ve been serving homeowners in the greater Cincinnati area for more than 100 years. Image via
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