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Duct Sealing Will Keep Your Home’s Cool Air Flowing All Summer Long

post img Leaky ductwork and air leaks in your home can make the hot and sticky Cincinnati summer worse by causing discomfort throughout your home and increasing the amount of energy used trying to cool your home. Sealing air leaks along with duct sealing will keep your energy bills low and keep the cool air flowing in your home all summer long. Most homes with forced-air heating and cooling systems use ductwork to distribute conditioned air throughout the home. However, it’s a common occurrence for up to 20 percent of that conditioned air to escape through leaks, holes, cracks and disconnections in the ductwork. Because of these ductwork breakdowns, conditioned air doesn’t go where it needs to go. Also, your energy bill increases and you have uncomfortable rooms.

How Can You Tell When Your Ducts Are Leaking?

When you want to determine whether you have leaky or insufficient ducts, pay attention to these signs:
  • Increased summer energy bill
  • Unable to keep rooms at a constant temperature
  • Increased levels of humidity and stuffiness in rooms
  • Clogged or tangled flexible ducts in your system

Fix Your Ducts

Hire an HVAC professional who can perform expert duct sealing. The contractor who comes to your home to repair your ducts will:
  • Asses your whole duct system
  • Inspect the supply-and-return air balance of your system
  • Repair damaged or disconnected ducts and straighten tangled or crushed flexible ducts
  • Seal all leaks using mastic sealant and metal tape
  • Ensure ducts are tightly connected and sealed to registers and grilles
  • Check airflow after repairs
  • Ensure no backdrafting exists

Benefits of Duct Sealing

The primary benefits of duct sealing are lowered energy costs and improved A/C efficiency. Other benefits include increased air quality, enhanced comfort and a decreased carbon footprint. For more expert information about duct sealing, contact Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. Since 1910, we’ve proudly served the homeowners of the greater Cincinnati area. Image via
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