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Drain And Sewer Cleaning Helps Avoid Problems From Neglect

post img Most of us have experienced that “Oh, no” combination of panic and dread when a kitchen or bathroom drain gets clogged. Often, the more serious clogs accumulate little by little — a situation made worse by neglect and constant use — until the blockage is complete, and nothing will flow down the kitchen or bathroom drain. When the water stops draining, a professional drain cleaning is your best option. Problems can also develop in a sewer line. Tree roots can grow into a line, eventually blocking it entirely, or the line can become cracked. You become aware of the issue only when the drain in your basement backs up, threatening to send foul water all over the floor. In this situation, you need a professional who can quickly and correctly diagnose the problem and get the line fixed. Once you’ve experienced either situation, you know that a qualified, expert and trustworthy plumber is invaluable. An expert plumber can inspect your drainage system from your sink or toilet all the way to your septic tank or municipal sewer hook-up. He has access to the right equipment for the job, such as pressure tools, mechanical augers and powerful hydro jet systems that can cut or blast away accumulated sludge, tree roots, paper, grease and other stubborn obstructions. Just as important, he has the training necessary to precisely diagnose the problem. Once he has resolved the issue, he can explain what happened and help you keep your drains and lines clear. In the end, the best drain-cleaning solution is prevention, so you should always be aware of what you’re sending into your drains. Don’t flush excess paper or foreign objects down your toilet. Install drain catches in sinks and tubs to capture large particles and keep them out of the pipes. Avoid overloading the drain system, and try to keep as much grease, oil and related material out of it as possible. At the same time, know where your sewer line is located, and keep trees and other plants with sophisticated root systems away from it. Unfortunately, you’re often forced to call a plumber only when there’s an emergency. This isn’t the best time to choose a plumber. Instead, check out plumbing services ahead of time, and have a contractor on hand before you’re forced to make that emergency call.  At Apollo Home Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we take pride in the expert repair and installation service we’ve provided since 1910. Contact us today for more information on the benefits of professional drain cleaning. Our goal is helping you keep your home systems running smoothly. Image via
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