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Heat Pump or Furnace: Which is Best for Cincinnati Homes?

post img For residents of greater Cincinnati, it’s a frequent question – heat pump or furnace? Whether you’re planning a build or know you need to replace your whole heating and cooling system, it’s best to weigh your options. Both have benefits. It just depends on what’s most important to you. If you’re unfamiliar, the main difference between the two is a heat pump is dual-function and a furnace performs a single purpose. A heat pump heats and cools a home. It shifts its function depending on the need. A furnace heats. Cooling requires an air conditioner, or a second piece of equipment. Heat Pump Pros and Cons for Cincinnati Residents If you plan to replace both your heating and cooling system, a heat pump can be a great choice. Maybe you’ve purchased a home with an older air conditioner and newer, but inefficient furnace. If the air conditioner is at the end of its lifespan, it may feel early to replace both. If the furnace, however, is low quality or has an AFUE or 80 or below, you may consider replacing both. Especially if you suspect it hasn’t been maintained well or is out of the warranty period. In general, a heat pump is energy efficient and costs less to operate. They often are more quiet and cost less to install. Because there’s no fuel combustion, like with a gas furnace, there’s no risk of gas leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning. The farther north you go, you’re likely to see fewer heat pumps. This is because heat pumps are less effective at heating entire homes during extreme cold. Cincinnati, however, nestles in a fairly moderate winter climate. Heat pumps are more than adequate for our seasons, as long as they’re maintained. Routine service is especially important for a heat pump because they have more mechanical parts. As the saying goes, the more parts, the more opportunities for something to go wrong. So, make sure you get a tune-up twice a year. Because a heat pump works all year, it never has an “off-season.”

Advantages of a Furnace Over a Heat Pump

A furnace is terrific at heating rooms quickly. As its sole purpose, is furnace is designed to quickly and efficiently heat your home. Just be sure your furnace is properly sized for your home. When a homeowner calls because there are uneven temperatures between rooms or their furnace frequently stops and starts, it may be because it’s too big or too small for their home. So, make sure a qualified professional takes measurements and performs the necessary calculations to ensure your furnace is sized correctly. Furnaces typically have a lifespan of up to 15 years, if maintained correctly. Some, with routine service and normal wear and tear, last even longer. A furnace, unlike a heat pump, only has an indoor unit. This eliminates the risk of debris or pest infestations in an outdoor unit. A drawback, of course, is the potential for a gas leak or risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Reduce these risks when you maintain your furnace and change your air filter regularly. Perform repairs as needed and install a carbon monoxide detector.

Heat Pump and Furnace Maintenance is Easy with an Apollo Care Plan

One of the easiest ways to keep your heat pump or furnace humming smoothly is to invest in the Apollo Care Plan. The Plan covers two tune-ups per year. With your tune-up, a NATE-certified technician thoroughly inspects your HVAC system. He or she cleans, lubricates or tests each component. Your technician also notes any signs of excessive wear and tear, which strains the equipment. Extra stress also ages your equipment and leads to earlier breakdowns or major repairs. Avoid these problems with regular service. The Apollo Care Plan also includes benefits such as priority scheduling, a VIP phone number and annual complimentary electrical and plumbing evaluations. Call us today to schedule a service call or to inquire about a free estimate for a heat pump or furnace.
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