The toilets in our homes are hard-working and sturdy. Generally, we don’t give them much thought — until they stop working. Then they command our full attention.

Simple problems, such as a minor clog or a chain that keeps getting caught under the flapper, are relatively easy to troubleshoot. But here are some other issues that might necessitate calling the pros:

Float valve problems

  • Water flows into the overflow tube in the back of the tank.
  • Tank refills very slowly.
  • Water leaks or sprays from around the float valve cap or plunger.

Flush-valve assembly, flush-valve seal, tank ball or flapper problems

  • Water levels in the tank drop without the toilet being used, suggesting a leak.
  • Water in the tank keeps running.
  • Water continuously runs into the bowl.
  • Your water bills are rising for no apparent reason.

Leaks at the base of the toilet

  • Collar holding tank to floor could be cracked or worn.
  • Wax sealing ring, caulking or other seal at bottom of toilet may be broken.
  • Close-couple connection between tank and toilet may be leaking.
  • Cavity under the bowl is cracked or leaking.

Weak flush power:

  • Scale, crystals or minerals have built up in the rim jets or main flushing jet.

In most cases, hiring a plumber is the best solution. Professional plumbers have specialized tools, training and know-how that help them locate problems and fix them quickly. They know where to find shut-off switches, how to stop leaks and how to make sure the repair doesn’t create more problems than it solves. Plumbers are familiar with:

  • The different types of toilet fixtures, flushing mechanisms, water-delivery techniques and toilet styles
  • How atmospheric conditions affect toilet function
  • How water volume and water pressure affect the flush cycle
  • How to conduct repair and preventive maintenance to keep toilets working properly

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