If you never tended to your water heater after its installation, you would likely wind up with an expensive repair, high energy costs or a worn-out system. Just like a furnace or air conditioner, your water heater requires maintenance.

Because water used in your home probably contains sediment and other minerals, any system, including your plumbing pipes, is prone to buildup. And once minerals build up in your water-heater tank, trouble ensues. That can range from rust, corrosion and wear and tear on the components to early system failure.

During an annual service appointment, your technician will complete several tasks to maintain efficient system operation and keep your unit clean. He will:

  • Drain the holding tank that keeps water heated.
  • Inspect the unit to detect any problems.
  • Clean the unit.
  • Inspect the valve and relieve pressure, as necessary.
  • Checklist the pilot light’s functions, if applicable.
  • Check the safety of gas components and the system’s venting.
  • Test the controls and thermostat.
  • Ensure consistent water temperature.
  • Replace the anode rod, as necessary.

The best way to ensure regular maintenance for your water heater is to bundle the service with your HVAC-system maintenance. Most contractors, including Apollo Home Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, offer planned service at a low cost for all three services. Our Platinum Care and Gold Care Plans are designed to give homeowners peace of mind about their comfort systems, ensuring that they stay clean, operate efficiently and provide home comfort.

Further, we recommend that you do what you can to keep your water heater in good shape. That includes:

  • Flushing the water heater once a year.
  • Draining up to 2 gallons of water from the unit monthly.
  • Keeping flammable items away from the unit.

If you’re not sure how to do any of these tasks, we’re happy to show you how to flush and drain your unit during your next maintenance visit.

Give your water heater the maintenance it deserves. Contact Apollo Home Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for more information about our plumbing and HVAC service plans or to schedule a tune-up. We serve homeowners throughout the greater Cincinnati area.

Image via Shutterstock.com