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When Should I Replace The Boiler in My Home?

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No one wants to start the year with boiler troubles. How do you know when it’s time to repair or replace a boiler system? Our licensed HVAC professionals share tips to help you evaluate your existing boiler heating system and determine the best choice for your household.

Make Safety a Priority

For any decision regarding your home’s existing boiler system, safety needs to be your top priority. Older systems are not always up to current safety standards. Faulty older boilers open the door for carbon monoxide exposure and other dangerous risks. Repairs may be an option, but repair work is not always able to improve the safety of the boiler.

When you decide to repair or replace a boiler system, consider system safety before all other factors. Have a professional evaluate your boiler and let you know if your boiler will be safe to use after repairs are made, or if replacement is the best choice for a safe and comfortable home.

Factors to Consider

As you consider whether to repair or replace a boiler heating systems, examine the following factors to help make an all-around wise decision:

  • Age of the boiler
  • Damage and wear
  • Current energy costs
  • Current repair needs and costs

Boiler System Age

On average, gas boilers have a service life between 15 and 20 years; electric boilers typically offer a few years more. Once a boiler reaches 20 years of service, the choice to repair or replace the boiler heating systems becomes clearer – replace your boiler at this point.

Older boilers are more prone to problems such as leaks, more malfunctions, and higher energy consumption. At the 20-year mark, boilers are also out of warranty, which means you are responsible for the cost of repairs and new components. Replacement parts may not even be available for your model when needed.

Replacement with a new boiler provides a new warranty term to protect your wallet should a malfunction occur, and reduces the likelihood of breakdowns in the near future.


Inspect your unit for damage such as corrosion and leaks when you determine whether to repair or replace your boiler heating system. Corrosion is a clear warning sign that replacement is necessary, as boilers are only resistant to corrosion for so long. Regular maintenance helps boiler units resist issues, but leaks and other system malfunctions lead to corrosion over time.

Water around the boiler, points to leaking valves and connections. In some cases, repairs are possible. After an inspection, a professional is able to tell you if repairs are able to resolve leaks or if it’s best to replace the system.

Energy Costs and Potential Improvements

Boilers experience wear and tear over the years which reduces the system’s efficiency. Older boilers have significantly deteriorated and no longer offer the efficiency ratings homeowners expect. Higher heating bills over the last few years are indicative of boiler inefficiency. When you choose whether to replace or repair a boiler, consider the energy improvements that come with a new, higher efficiency model – a new boiler offers better energy efficiency to lower your home’s heating costs.

Current Boiler Repair Needs

If you experience frequent boiler breakdowns, constant repairs become expensive. If you’re repairing or replacing a boiler unit, both come at a cost – however, investing in Cincinnati boiler installation service is often a better financial move for homeowners at this point.

When repairs to the system are possible, consider their cost along with the frequency repairs are needed. Inexpensive repairs help homeowners patch up boiler systems and keep them in service a bit longer, but when the price of repairs becomes a significant chunk of the cost of a new system, many choose to invest that money into a new boiler and avoid frequent repairs in the future.

Professional Boiler Service from Apollo Home

When you need your boiler system inspected, call the best heating repair in Cincinnati at Apollo Home. Our licensed heating professionals evaluate your home’s boiler, assess repair needs, and help you determine if repairs or a replacement is the right choice for your situation. To schedule boiler maintenance, please reach out today and book an appointment!

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