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When to Call an Electrician about Household Power Surges

post img A power surge occurs when voltage exceeds the normal flow of electricity. Surges differ from power spikes because the uninterrupted voltage increase lasts for more than a few seconds. Because voltage surges are unexpected and may have devastating consequences, solving power surge issues in Cincinnati is vital to the safety of your family and home. Power Surge Causes
  • Power line surges: When a utility company has problems with its transformers or lines, customers may experience a power surge. The same is true if high winds, ice storms, animals, fallen trees or car-pole crashes disrupt the electricity in power lines.
  • Lightning strikes hitting homes, power lines or areas of the ground near utilities: Cloud-to-ground lightning strikes that are several miles away from your home have the potential do damage.
  • Faulty or old wiring: When solving power surge issues in Cincinnati, some electricians find that appliances may cause a surge in electrical currents if a home has older or poor electrical wiring.
  • Short Circuits and tripped circuit breakers: Circuits shorting in an electrical system and tripped breakers may lead to a voltage surge. When this occurs, you may need an electrician to rewire your home or a handyman service to install a new breaker box.
  • Normal operation of appliances and household equipment: Normal, everyday electrical equipment tends to be the main culprit behind power surges. High-power appliances that cycle on an off—like HVAC systems, washing machines, refrigerators and pumps—are among the leading causes of voltage spikes.
At minimum, power surges damage home electronics. Without proper surge protection, a voltage spike can start a fire. Mitigate this hazard by installing a whole-house surge suppression device. Because of the risk of electrocution and the need for different surge protecting devices for communication lines, it is best to hire a professional to install a surge protector for your home. Solving power surge issues in Cincinnati should occur before the next big storm or power outage. To learn more about our handyman services and installing whole-house surge protectors, contact Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing at (513) 268-8400. We’ve proudly served the greater Cincinnati, Ohio, area since 1910.
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