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The Latest in Tankless Water Heating Technology

post img Tankless water heating technology outperforms the conventional water heater in many ways. First and foremost: no tank! The familiar storage tank has always been a weak link in water heating performance and efficiency. Water stored on “standby” cools and requires re-heating—a substantial energy drain. Also, because tank capacity is necessarily limited, so is the amount of hot water available at any given time. A tankless system heats water on-demand only, utilizing no storage tank. In addition, the unit delivers hot water continuously as long as demand continues, so there’s no interruption while you wait for another tank to heat. New tankless water heating systems are more adaptable and efficient than ever. Here are some improvements incorporated in the latest units:

Simpler Installation

Because cold and hot water piping in most existing homes was typically configured for a storage tank heater, installation of a tankless heater was sometimes complicated. New tankless models now feature water input and output connections on the top of the unit, exactly duplicating the position and spacing of fittings on a storage tank heater. This makes direct replacement faster and straightforward. In addition, more new tankless units are engineered for use with 1/2-inch gas lines, typically standard in residential construction.

Instant Hot Water

Running cold water while waiting for it to get hot wastes both water and time. At least one major manufacturer of new tankless systems now incorporates a recirculating pump that continuously circulates freshly heated water into the supply line to the fixture while diverting cooled water back to the main water pipe. The result: instant hot water with no lag time every time you open a faucet.

Lower Maintenance

For optimum performance and efficiency, tankless heaters require annual maintenance to remove mineral deposits, known as “scale,” that accumulate in the heat exchanger. Isolation valves incorporated in new units now expedite the maintenance process and make descaling more effective. Thinking about upgrading to the benefits of tankless water heating? Contact the professionals at Apollo Home for more information about the latest technology now available.
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