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Smart Thermostat? Smart Choice!

post img “In my day, we didn’t have a remote control. We had to get up and turn the dial!” If you remember that, you likely have adjusted the temperature of your home manually too. Upgrading to a programmable thermostat is a smart home improvement because it can be scheduled to adjust the temperature throughout the day based on settings you determine. Most offer multiple ways to program your thermostat, such as setting your device to adjust from occupied or not occupied so that your system isn’t running as intensely when no one’s home. This gives your HVAC an opportunity to rest and be more efficient in the long run.   Smart thermostats give you the added benefit of letting you program it from your phone or computer so you can control your HVAC system remotely. For Cincinnati winters this means being at work, noticing the temperature is dropping and you could increase the heat so that by the time you get home you’re walking into a warm and inviting place to spend the rest of your day. Another benefit of a smart thermostat is an increase in utility bill savings because of a decrease in energy waste.  You can also look up the history of your previous settings and see the energy savings in real time. If there is a last minute change in your schedule you can adjust your smart thermostat from your phone to accommodate your new plans. By installing a smart thermostat and programming it for work and sleep reductions you can save substantially on your utility bills without making your home uncomfortable or unnecessarily chilly. You can always adjust the program to fit you and your household’s needs, often with weekday and weekend settings.  When programming your smart thermostat, consider when you normally go to sleep and wake up. If you prefer to sleep at a cooler temperature during the winter, you might want to start the lowering of the temperature a bit ahead of the time you actually go to bed. Also, consider the schedules of everyone in the household. If there is a time during the day when the house is unoccupied for four hours or more, it makes sense to adjust the temperature during those periods. Many homeowners have “inherited” thermostats in their homes which may be a mystery, if, for example, you don’t know its age or how to program it. Most instructions for these types of devices can be found online, but if not, just ask! Schedule an HVAC check-up and ask your technician while he or she is there. Technicians receive continuous training and are great resources.  Moral of the story, whether you are upgrading to a smart thermostat or replacing an old one finding the best one for you and your home will give you peace of mind and utility savings. For more information on programmable thermostat installation in the Greater Cincinnati area, please contact us at Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing or by calling (513) 268-8400.
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