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Professionally installed Nest products by the team at Apollo Home

Nest is the leader in home automation and energy-efficient thermostats. Call Apollo Home to learn about the full suite of user-friendly Nest products including temperature sensors, doorbells, security cameras and smoke and CO detectors. Our professionals are thoroughly trained in the Nest brand and can expertly advise you on this investment in your home, comfort and security.

Our licensed and industry certified technicians will determine the most appropriate location for your Nest device, hard wire and install it while thoroughly educating you on its features and benefits. We want you to get the most out of this amazing innovation in home automation.

Certified by the EPA as an ENERGY STAR product in 2017, independent data has shown average savings of 10-12% on heating and 15% on air conditioning costs. Some users report the savings paid for the device in under two years! One of the best features is they take more accurate readings and better communicate with your HVAC system creating optimal energy savings. It’s classified as a “Smart” thermostat, meaning it “learns” your household’s habits and rhythms to maximize your comfort and your system’s efficiency.

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Nest Thermostat 3

The 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat saves energy and communicates better than ever. Manually adjust it for a week and this ingenious device will “remember” your preferences.

Connect to the app on your phone or tablet to adjust it remotely from the sofa or out of state. The app will notify you if the HVAC filter needs to be replaced or alert you if there’s a discrepancy in your home, such as excess cycling of your air conditioner or furnace or a temperature drop so low your pipes could burst.

The app also provides reports on daily energy history and a monthly view, to better see patterns for specific nights or weekends versus weekdays. Gone for four hours every Saturday morning for swim practices, for example? Your 3rd gen will take note and adjust accordingly.

The friendly “Farsight” feature notices when you’ve entered the room and lights up the wall unit, showing you the temperature, weather or the time. Available in four different “ring” colors, copper, stainless steel, black and white, the 3rd gen Nest complements any decor.

Nest Thermostat E

Nest’s Thermostat E is an affordable model and designed to blend into the background of your home while saving you energy. It too provides remote control via your phone, tablet or laptop and provides an energy use history to inform you of additional saving opportunities.

Thermostat E alerts you to any sudden weather changes and HVAC maintenance needs or odd behavior from your furnace or air conditioner. It’s accessible to multiple members of the family via the apps, providing flexibility.

Depending on your energy provider, installing a Nest thermostat may qualify you for a refund or rebate, saving you even more.

Nest Camera

Looking for a user-friendly security solution? Try the Nest Cam family. Providing indoor and outdoor options, the Nest Cam line of products provides 24/7 live video, alerts to your phone, a 3-hour snapshot history, night vision and 1080p HD resolution. Quick to install and access, the Nest Cam products will simplify your home security needs and bring you peace of mind.

Browse Nest Cameras

Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

Great news for you – terrible news for would be prowlers. The Nest Cam is a thing of beauty – providing a wealth of intelligence in a tamper-resistant,  weatherproof housing.

Nest Cam IQ has the ability to detect a person up to 50 feet away and alert you with a photo. With Nest Aware, it even recognizes known faces. The Nest Cam IQ uses a 4K sensor with HDR and intelligent imaging including close up tracking view, 12x digital zoom and daytime modules to adjust for shadows and bright lighting.

You can even speak through it using your app, and the powerful built-in mic and speaker. Tell the neighbor’s kid to come back when you’re home from soccer practice or spook a would-be package bandit.

Miss something? Three hours of images are automatically saved in the Nest app and with Nest Aware, you can record up to 30 days of video, safely encrypted protected in the cloud.

Nest Cam IQ Indoor

Nest Cam IQ indoor, similar to the outdoor model, uses advanced processing capabilities, enabling it to discern an individual from an object. It also recognizes faces with the Nest Aware subscription.

Using a 6-core processor a 3-microphone array, noise cancellation speakers and a built-in Google Assistant, Nest Cam IQ indoor can do amazing things. Tell Google to add milk to the grocery list. Tell Google to raise the temperature to 72 degrees.

Nest Cam IQ plugs into power, so it’s never dependent on battery life and alerts you to security disturbances so you can follow up right away.

Nest Cam Outdoor

Some battery-powered cameras only turn on when they sense motion. The Nest Cam Outdoor is hardwired and continuously watching. Add the Nest Aware subscription and it records up to 30 days of video. Your video is safely encrypted and saved in the cloud in the event you need to share it with someone, like the authorities or your insurance agent.

Use the powerful mic and built-in speaker to communicate with a delivery man or the bug guy. Alerts enable you to take screenshots to share with neighbors or authorities of suspicious vehicles and individuals.

Quickly installed, the Nest Cam Outdoor is your weatherproof and unobtrusive security solution.

Nest Cam Indoor

The Nest Cam Indoor works with all the Nest products to provide vigilance when you’re away. Want to watch your middle schooler arrive home from the bus? No problem. Tell the dog to get off the sofa? Done.

Set it up anywhere, using a variety of mounting options, and communicate with people in the home. With a Nest Aware subscription, the Nest Cam continuously records 24/7, saving 30 days of video footage securely encrypted in the cloud, accessible to you anytime.

Nest Aware alerts you using the app to a person entering the room or to activity in specific zones, like the baby’s room.

Nest Doorbell

Nest brings its amazing camera and speaker technology to the doorbell with Nest Hello!

Nest Hello

Ding, dong, ditch is a thing of the past…
Featuring HD video, HDR, 160-degree field of view and night vision, the Nest Hello doorbell is a wonder to behold. It even boasts a “quiet time” feature so you can eliminate the chime sounds during a child’s naptime.

Using person, motion and sound alerts, the Nest Hello detects visitors from head to toe and can send you alerts via the app or via Bluetooth to devices like a Google Home Mini.

Using the Nest Aware feature, the Nest Hello encrypts and stores up 30 days of continuously recorded video, should you ever need to reference a visitor’s presence or appearance.

The Nest Hello requires a wired doorbell, chime and the right transformer. Call Apollo Home today – one of our Nest experts will help you determine if you have the appropriate components. If not, one of our licensed electricians will make it so you do!

Nest Security System

Want a security system pleasant to be around for you, but tough on the bad guys? Look into the components presented by Nest Secure, including the Nest Guard, Nest Detect, Nest Tag and the Nest App.

Nest Guard

As the hub of the Nest Secure system, the Nest Guard encompasses the alarm, keypad and motion sensor. Use the Nest App to arm or disarm the system from anywhere. You also have the option of using a passcode or the Nest Tag.

With No Rush arming and disarming, you’re free to set your exit time. Instead of stressful countdowns or screeching beeps, a friendly voice informs you of your remaining window.

Forget to arm the system? A Remind Me alert will pop up on your phone so you can set it remotely using the App.

Did something set the alarm off? Your app on your phone will notify you and show you what triggered the alarm, such a door opening, allowing you to contact the police immediately if necessary.

Nest Detect

Nest Detect senses motion and the opening or closing of a door or window. Stick it on the wall or on a door.

Features like Quiet Open allow you to let the dog out while keeping the house armed. At night, Pathlight lights your way in the dark so you can avoid stepping on those pesky Lego blocks. Finally, with Dog Pass, smaller dogs are prevented from setting off the alarm.

Nest Tag

Need to provide access to family or trusted friends, like babysitters or dog walkers? Enable a Nest Tag and they’re all set. The family member or friend “tags” the fob on the Nest Guard upon entering and the system is disarmed. No complicated codes to track.

They easily fit on a keychain, are water-resistant and can be easily disabled in the Nest App if lost.

Nest Connect

Working with the Nest Secure system, the Nest Connect boosts connectivity between the Nest Guard and the Nest Detect, especially inside larger properties. If the power goes out, Nest Connect stays on the job thanks to a battery backup.

Nest Door Lock

Connect the Nest x Yale Lock to your Wi-Fi and the Nest App through Nest Connect or Nest Guard. In no time, you’ll have the ability to lock and unlock your door remotely.

Nest / Yale Lock

Replace the old-fashioned deadbolt with this secure and tamper-proof Nest x Yale Lock. Unlock the door from your phone or create passcodes for friends and family. Have a temporary need? Set expiration times for the codes.

If someone does try to tamper with it, you’ll be alerted immediately. If your lock loses power – no problem. It’s quickly recharged with a 9V battery.

Nest Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Traditionally, it’s a horrendous beep shocking you awake, or ear-splitting alarms when you’ve burned the rolls. What if, smoke and CO alarms were smarter?

Nest Smoke + CO

Introducing Nest Protect. Using a split-spectrum sensor, Nest Protect tests itself automatically and lasts up to a decade. It tells you why it was triggered and if it is just the rolls, you can shush the alarm from your phone. No ladders necessary.

Are you testing your alarms monthly? It’s ok if you’re not, in that you’re not alone. Most people don’t. Nest Protect checks its batteries and sensors over 400 times a day. For your sanity, Nest Protect uses Sound Check to quietly test its speaker and horn once a month.

At night, look for a quick green glow from the device after you turn off the lights. The glow indicates Nest’s Nightly Promise all Nest products have tested themselves, the batteries are good, and you’re all set for an uninterrupted sleep.

For additional safety, if a carbon monoxide leak or smoke is detected, the Nest Protect works in conjunction with the Nest Thermostat to stop the spread of danger by immediately shutting off the heat.

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