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Light Fixture Installation: When You Need a Pro

post img We all like to think we can tackle in-home projects from bathroom remodels, new flooring to light fixture installation. Sometimes, however, we start projects we never complete or find we aren’t as well versed in tiling and electrical as we wish. Do you know when the project is DIY versus when it’s time to call in the pros? Don’t risk your safety to save an extra dollar! Call Apollo Home and our fully staffed team of electricians. From complex junction boxes to outdoor lighting or recessed lighting, Apollo’s licensed and insured electricians are on hand to properly install all your lighting needs.

When You Need A Pro to Install Lighting

  1. Complex junction boxes

  2. GFCI or GFI outlet 

  3. Recessed fixtures 

Complex Junction Boxes

If your light fixture installation requires more than a simple three-wire light junction box, it might be time to call in the big guns. Even if you take the precaution to turn off the circuit breaker to the box, some junction boxes require additional wiring connected to different circuits. This can still lead to serious electric shock risk if wiring from a different circuit routed through the same junction box touch. To combat this issue, a professional uses special test equipment to sort out wiring inside complex junction boxes and safely complete the job. 

Install a GFCI Outlet

Redoing wiring in your kitchen or bathroom? Do those outlets contain Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)? When doing light fixture installation in areas near water sources, you must use a GFCI. Why? Even the slightest variation immediately cuts power and prevents electrocution. Areas like bathrooms, kitchens, porches, patios, wet bars, sheds, unfinished basements, laundry rooms and garages should include GFCI outlets. Plan to sell your house in a few years? Not having sufficient GFCIs could slow down the sale. Do it now. Dates and locations GFCI outlets are required in:
  • 1971: Pool areas and spas
  • 1973: Home exteriors
  • 1975: Bathrooms
  • 1978: Garages 
  • 1987: Kitchen countertops
  • 1990: Crawlspaces and unfinished basements
  • 1993: Wet bars
  • 2005: Laundry and utility sinks

Recessed Fixtures

Light fixtures connected to the ceiling, such as recessed fixtures, may contact insulation installed into the attic, making safety measures crucial. In order to ensure all important safety measures are being observed, a certified, insured electrician should handle your light fixture installation. This will eliminate fire hazards and guarantee the safest solution for your home.

Electrical Repairs

Whether your home is old or new, at some point you’ll need electrical repairs. If you ever see sparks, smell smoke or a circuit breaker trips immediately after reset, call a pro. Ever have a light fixture flicker? Here’s some insight into the issue in this video from Apollo Home’s YouTube channel.  

Apollo Home Licensed and Insured Electricians are Ready to Safely Perform Light Fixture Installation for You

Call an Apollo Home electrician and you can sleep soundly knowing he or she completed your light fixture installation safely and correctly. At Apollo our licensed electricians keep up with the latest safety precautions and receive training to offer the best service to each of our customers.  Don’t forget, members of our Apollo Home Care Plan receive complimentary evaluations of their electrical systems each year. If you’re curious about something or have a low priority concern, this electrical evaluation is a great opportunity to ask a licensed electrician. If you’re finally ready to check ‘install light fixture’ off your to-do list, call us today for a free estimate.
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