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Recessed light, downlight, can, or canister light – light fixtures installed into hollow openings in the ceiling are known by many names. Recessed lighting has become more visible in homes and especially when building new construction or renovating current spaces.

If, for example, you’ve recently purchased a pre-owned home or are considering a kitchen update in your longtime home, kitchen lighting, including recessed lighting, is likely on your wish list.

Kitchens, specifically, have multiple lighting demands: under cabinet, task and ambient. You may already have recessed or can lighting, and opt to swap out the settings for older incandescent indoor flood bulbs for more energy-efficient LED bulbs.

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Pros & Cons of Recessed Lighting

Pros: Recessed fixtures emit light in a more focused area to concentrate lighting, perfect for performing specific tasks such as food preparation and cooking. Because the bulb is fully recessed into the housing embedded in the ceiling, it’s less exposed to kitchen dust, smoke and humidity and requires less frequent cleaning. Recessed lights provide an uncluttered look and don’t disturb the contour of the ceiling like external fixtures do. Once recessed lights are turned off, the fixtures almost seem to disappear.

Cons: Because the light fixture penetrates the ceiling, installation of recessed lights is generally more complicated than adding an external light fixture on the ceiling. Attention must be given to routing electrical wiring as well as the location of joists in the ceiling to properly place the lights. For safety reasons, recessed lights in contact with attic insulation above the ceiling must be specifically rated for that use. Recessed lights are a permanent installation and not portable. If you sell the house and move, you leave them behind. Certain ceiling materials such as ornamented plaster, concrete, or ceilings with a complex contour typically are not a good choice for installation of recessed lights.

Ask the professionals at Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing for more information about options for lighting in kitchens and throughout your Greater Cincinnati home.

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