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Do “Green” Drain Cleaners Work as Well as Chemical Cleaners?

post img Homeowners who need drain clearing and cleaning in Cincinnati sometimes ask if so-called “green” drain cleaners are a viable alternative to other chemical methods. Most professional plumbers aren’t big fans of heavy-duty caustic drain chemicals, typically formulated with corrosives like sodium hydroxide or sulfuric acid. These harsh substances can disintegrate pipes and other components, often turning a minor clog into major expensive damage to your plumbing system. They can also be a safety hazard, not only to the homeowner who uses them but to the plumber called in to work on the system if the caustic drain chemical fails to clear the clog. Most green drain cleaners use natural enzymes instead of corrosive chemicals to remove clogs. These enzymes contain bacteria that actually consume the organic material that is by and large the most frequent cause of drain clogs. If you require drain clearing and cleaning in Cincinnati, here are some pros and cons of trying green methods instead of harsh chemicals:
  • Green drain chemicals are safer to use. No danger from chemical burns or severe eye damage, which can occur if caustic drain chemicals splash or reflux out of the drain.
  • The enzymes used in green drain openers are non-corrosive and harmless to your pipes and/or the septic tank.
  • Green chemicals pose no toxic threat to the environment at large or the municipal water treatment system.
  • A green drain cleaner may take substantially longer to clear a clog than a conventional caustic drain chemical.
  • The enzymatic approach offered by green drain cleaners is often best utilized as a regular preventive treatment to keep pipes clean and inhibit clogs before they happen.
Once a clog occurs, if green drain cleaners and/or simply plunging the drain fail to clear it, the most cost-efficient option at that point is usually to consult a plumbing professional. A qualified plumber arrives with an array of safe options to remove drain clogs of all sorts without endangering your pipes or the environment. For more information on drain clearing and cleaning in Cincinnati, contact Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing today.
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