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Plumbing emergencies do not care about convenience. A clogged toilet, burst pipe or leaking gas line can happen at any time of day. If you’re dealing with a plumbing emergency that just can’t wait, there’s only one Cincinnati plumbing repair company to call.

Never ask, “Where can I find 24-hour plumbing repair near me?” again. Call us at (513) 268-8400 or schedule your plumbing emergency repair right away.

Whether your plumbing emergency happens late at night, on the weekends, or even on a holiday, you can count on Apollo Home to serve you. No matter when disaster strikes, we can schedule an appointment that works for you or dispatch a plumbing technician to your home right away. There’s no better company for emergency plumbing repairs than Apollo Home!

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Do I Need to Call a 24-Hour Local Plumber in Cincinnati?

We prepare for all kinds of contingencies in life, but few people are prepared for that moment when a plumbing emergency occurs. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine what is an emergency versus what plumbing problems can wait for normal business hours.

What is Considered a Plumbing Emergency?

We’ve been in business since 1910, and we’ve seen a lot of the same plumbing issues come up again and again. Some of the most frequent emergency repair calls we get are because of:

  • Major Flooding: Whether the flooding is the result of a water heater, sewer backup or a clogged toilet, any of these issues can result in an immediate water emergency requiring prompt service.
  • Interior Water Leaks: Pipes, water heaters, water mains, sewers, or any number of plumbing-related areas of your home can leak for weeks or months before you realize it. Plumbing leaks may happen visibly or be hidden within your home, signaling deeper issues. When you have a leak inside your home, it’s best to call an emergency plumber.
  • Clogged Drains or Toilets: Are you using the plunger more often than usual? Is that kitchen or bathroom drain in your home backing up again? There may be blockage further down your plumbing system that you may not be able to reach, and trying to reach it may force the blockage even deeper down the pipes.
  • Smell of Gas: One of the most dangerous plumbing emergencies a homeowner can face is a gas leak. Evacuate your home immediately if you smell gas, and call an emergency plumber right away. After notifying your utility company, your plumber will rush over to assess the situation. Anything related to gas should be handled by a licensed professional.
  • Frozen Pipes: When temperatures dip, the water in pipes that are on or near the outside of your home is more likely to freeze. This causes your pipes to expand and eventually burst. Whether you are concerned about your pipes freezing or they’ve already frozen, call us for emergency plumbing repairs.
  • Wet Yard: Are you noticing small wet spots scattered throughout your yard? If so, this indicates that your main water supply line is probably leaking onto your lawn. A foul smell indicates a leak in your sewer line. An emergency plumber call can immediately assess the severity of a leak and determine whether major repairs or excavation is required.
  • No Hot Water: A cold shower is often the result of an issue with your hot water heater. First, check your breaker box to ensure there is electricity going to your electric heater. For gas water heaters, ensure the pilot light is on. Call a professional plumber if you hear rattling noises or the water heater is receiving a power source.

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Flexible Financing – If you need plumbing repairs but don’t have the money for those services up front, don’t worry. Apollo Home offers you a range of financing options for our plumbing services.

Courteous, Trained Specialists – Not only do we make sure every plumber on the Apollo team has the qualifications to serve you effectively, but we only hire the most respectable, responsible applicants. You can trust our team will treat your home or building like their own and clean up after any service.

Comprehensive Service – The Apollo team doesn’t limit itself to quick fixes but strives to understand the deeper cause of any home plumbing problems. By addressing these core issues, we keep the risk of future water or gas problems to a minimum.

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