Obstructions in the air ducts are common issues homeowners can face, which can result in poor efficiency, unhealthy indoor air quality and a higher energy bill each month.

By understanding the most frequent causes of ductwork obstructions, it’s much easier to locate the problem, fix it and keep the issue from occurring in the future.

Poor Original Installation

Many ductwork problems are caused by haphazard installation by less experienced HVAC technicians. Missing pin-spotters and bad glue jobs can cause the duct liner to hang or detach completely, creating both blockage and air leaks at the same time.

Post-Construction or Renovation Debris

Other times, renovations to the home or even cable TV installation if done incorrectly can cause ductwork obstructions or damage to the duct’s liner. This can result in leaks, blockage and poor airflow. After construction is completed, miscellaneous junk can be left behind and can easily become an obstruction as well.

Other Common Ductwork Obstructions

Air filters can become lodged in the ductwork, obstructing the airflow and causing inefficiency, and dirt and grime on the blower fan can reduce its ability to push air out of the ductwork and into your living spaces. Flex duct defects, loose insulation in the ductwork and return-air grilles covered in dirt and debris are other common issues found by HVAC professionals upon evaluation.

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