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Weatherization Projects With the Help of a Trusted Handyman

post img How do you keep the weather outside from getting inside your home? The answer is weatherization. With a few simple projects, you can weatherize your home and make it more comfortable year round and a trusted handyman can make this even easier.

What Is Weatherization?

When it comes to home improvement, weatherizing involves making small changes with the goal of making your home more efficient. Many of the small changes are inexpensive and don’t take much time, but the effects they have on your energy bills can be quite astounding.

Home Weatherization Projects

Air can enter your home through gaps and cracks in your home’s exterior. Weatherizing stops those air leaks.
  • Caulk is useful for closing up around window and door frames. Walk around your house and look at the outside of the frames. You may see a gap between the frame and the siding. Caulk is perfect for sealing up these openings. If the opening is large, use a spray foam to fill in the gap. Top it off with caulk to water proof it.
  • Weatherstripping is perfect for sealing windows and doors when shut. You need your windows and doors to function, but when they close, there needs to be a tight seal between the movable parts and the frame. Weatherstripping will do that.
  • Foam inserts added behind exterior wall outlets will keep air from getting inside at those locations.
  • Insulation on the backs of the attic access door can keep it from becoming a cold spot. If you have a panel or hatch opening, use weatherstripping to keep the opening sealed when shut.
  • The doors on the fireplace should be closed when it’s not in use. They shut tight against the fireplace opening and will help keep drafts from going through the house. Close the damper to provide another barrier against air coming in.
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