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Use Your Water Heater Less — and Save Money — With These Tips

post img You may be completely unaware that you’re literally throwing money down the drain with an inefficient water heater, but the fact is you probably are. Hot water waste and overuse drives up energy costs for many families, but thankfully there’s an easy solution. Take a few small steps to use your water heater less and save money on heating expenses.

Opt for cold water when possible

Most people don’t realize that cold water is just fine for a lot of laundering, especially for rinsing.
  • Switch to cold washes for most loads. Clothes still get clean, but you save money.
  • For heavily soiled clothing or items that recommend a warm wash, go ahead and follow the instructions on the label, but rinse in cold water for savings.

Low-flow fixtures

If your home is older, you’ve likely got older fixtures in your bathrooms. Showerheads and faucets today are designed to reduce the flow of water and eliminate waste. The difference is surprising; today’s showerheads are designed with a flow rate of no more than 2.5 gpm, while those from 1992 and before can have a flow rate of up to 5.5 gpm. Thankfully, it doesn’t cost a fortune to fix this water waster. Newer, efficient showerheads are affordable and easy to install. Updating faucets is also easy, since you can simply change out the aerator on the faucet.  Aerators are inexpensive, easy to replace and save you money. Choose one with a flow of 1.0 gpm or less for the most savings.

Energy-efficient appliances

Today’s clothes washers and dishwashers are more efficient than older counterparts. Some newer dishwashers utilize a booster heater that heats the water internally, so your water heater doesn’t have to work as hard. They also use less water in general, so they are better for the environment, too. If you’d like to know more about saving money with your water heater, contact Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. We’ve been helping greater Cincinnati area homeowners with their water and heating needs since 1910, and we’d love to help you, too. Image via
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