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Upgrading Your Bathroom? Check out These New Fixture Options!

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Bathroom upgrades are one of the top recommended upgrades that you can do for your home, partly because they pay off when you sell the house, and partly because a fully updated bathroom is so enjoyable. One of the things to think about if you’re planning on updating your bathroom is the style of fixtures you want in your bathtub and shower. Here are several examples of the different types of fixtures you have to choose from.

  • Temperature-controlled tub and shower valves: Both thermostatic mixing valves and pressure-balanced valves prevent your water from going suddenly hot or cold from someone flushing a toilet or running the dishwasher. These tub and shower valves maintain a constant temperature, making your shower or bath more comfortable.
  • Low flow shower head: If you buy a modern shower head, chances are it will be low flow. These high efficiency fixtures conserve water and energy by limiting flow, saving you money on both your water bill and your energy bill. There are two different kinds of low flow shower heads: aerating, which injects air in with the water to form a water-saving spray, and laminar-flow, which funnels the water into individual streams. Because of the resulting mist, aerated shower heads do create more steam, making laminar-flow shower heads more appropriate for humid climates.
  • Rainfall shower head: Called either a rain shower head or a rainfall shower head, this style of shower head is modern and luxurious. This type of shower head is usually disk-shaped to provide more water coverage and mimic rainfall instead of the traditional shower experience.
  • Waterfall tub spout: The waterfall tub spout is becoming popular in new and newly renovated homes. Water pours freely out of a waterfall tub spout for a more relaxing sound, as well as an ultra modern look.

If you’re remodeling your bathroom, you will be amazed at the wide selection of fixtures available these days. To find out more about updating your bathrooms with modern tub and shower valves, as well as other great-looking touches, contact Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing.

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