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The Latest in Home Theater Lighting

post img Home theater lighting shouldn’t be an afterthought when you’re designing your own in-house entertainment space. Lighting a home theater is different from illuminating other living spaces. This applies whether the room is a purpose-built theater space, or a converted room like a garage. Lighting sets the mood before the entertainment begins. Once the show starts, simply “dark” isn’t sufficient. Here are some lighting ideas for creating the right ambiance before the show and the best viewing experience during it. Central Control All home theater lighting controls can now be integrated into a single system that interacts with every light in the room. You can execute overall room dimming as well as adjusting individual bulbs or sub-systems like floor lighting anywhere in the theater — all without leaving your chair to reach for a wall switch. Selectable lighting configuration options display on a small screen incorporated into a hand-held remote or appear as a menu up on the big screen. Adjustable Temperature Look around your local theater and you’ll notice that the room is never totally dark, even while the film’s playing. A controlled amount of ambient light is always present. The color temperature of bulbs utilized in a home theater is important, particularly those providing ambient background light. For best viewing conditions, ambient light should be at a color temperature of 6,500 degrees Kelvin. This provides optimum color fidelity for the image on the theater screen. Dedicated dimmable LED wall and floor lights provide ambient light and can be dialed to the exact color temperature and brightness to support faithful color on the screen. Architectural Lighting Emphasizing the interior design of the theater — without compromising optimal viewing conditions — is also a goal of home theater lighting. Fully dimmable, flexible LED tapes or ropes with adjustable color can be strategically installed to cast indirect lighting that accentuates interior design details. They can also add theatrical mood scenery such as a field of stars on the ceiling. For professional design and installation of the latest in home theater lighting systems, contact Apollo Home Heating, Cooling, Electrical and Plumbing.
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