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Smart Thermostats, Security and More, Explained

post img You’ve probably seen a lot of commercials, viral videos or store displays for smart thermostats and other smart technology. Are you interested in “smartening” up your Cincinnati home? At Apollo Home, we carry a suite of products by NEST including smart thermostats. Our team is happy to consult and install whatever you need to improve your home’s comfort and safety.

Smart Thermostats from Nest

A leader in the smart thermostats space, Nest brought modern, user-friendly design to homeowners across America. What makes it “smart?” Technology with the “smart” label generally means it has the artificial intelligence to adapt. In the case of smart thermostats, users must manually program the thermostat for a week or two. After this period of “learning,” the thermostat memorizes your household’s routine and adjusts accordingly. They are also connected to WiFi, so you can modify settings at home and away. Cold front moving in? Bump up the temp in the 30 minutes before you’re due to arrive home. Use an app on your smartphone or tablet to make the adjustments. Smart thermostats also offer superior communication with your HVAC system. They notify you when a filter change is needed or when there are changes in performance. An early alert could save you the headache of a future breakdown or costly spike in your utility bill.

Energy Efficiency with Smart Thermostats

In addition to the convenience, smart thermostats offer greater energy efficiency for your home. In 2017, ENERGY STAR recognized Nest smart thermostats with the EPA’s certification. Independent data indicates the average user saves 10-12 percent on heating and 15 percent on air conditioning costs. In many cases, users report utility savings paid for the Nest thermostat in less than two years.

Smart Security Cameras

In addition to smart thermostats, Nest offers a user-friendly security solution to homeowners. The Nest Cam family provides options for indoors and outdoors. With 24/7 live video alerts to your smartphone, night vision, 1080p HD resolution and a three-hour snapshot simplify home security. Bring home peace of mind with Nest Cam. Unsure of where to begin? The Apollo Home team is trained and comfortable walking you through the options. We’re here to share expertise with a no pressure approach.

Yoo-hoo? Anyone Home? Say Hello to the Doorbell of the Future

Nest offers the Nest Hello, the next generation of doorbells. Detect visitors or delivery personnel from head to toe with HD video, HDR and a 160-degree field of view and night vision. With person, motion and sound alerts, the Nest Hello alerts you to a visitor with the app or via Bluetooth to home devices like the Google Home Mini. Should you ever need to recall a visitor’s presence, the Nest Aware feature encrypts and stores up to 30 days of continuously-recorded video. Unsure if your current wiring supports it? An Apollo Home electrician can evaluate your system and update it if necessary.

Lock Your Front Door Remotely

Increase the security of your front door with the Nest x Yale Lock. It’s tamper-proof and you can unlock the door from your phone or create passcodes for friends and family. You can even set expiration times for the codes if your need is temporary. Any attempts to meddle with it sends an alert to your phone.

Apollo Home is Your Greater Cincinnati Expert for Smart Thermostats, Smart Security and More

At Apollo Home, we’re excited about the possibilities Nest offers. We’re prepared to share all the benefits the entire Nest suite of products has for Cincinnati homeowners. Call us with your questions and to schedule a visit. We can walk through your home with you and provide a free estimate, based on your needs and property specifics.  So call us today to preserve your peace of mind.
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