6 Clear Signs You Need Boiler Repair

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Professional boiler repair in Cincinnati is generally called for whenever you notice changes in the system’s heating performance or energy efficiency, or see visual signs of component failure like leakage. Do you know who to call for boiler repair?

Boiler heating involves high temperatures, pressure and flammable natural gas. For safety reasons, options for do-it-yourself diagnosis are very limited. Making sure the system is turned on at the thermostat, set to the proper temperature and bleeding air out at individual radiators when needed is generally the only recommended recourse for the average homeowner. If boiler heating problems persist, call for professional boiler repair in Cincinnati.

Signs You Need Boiler Repair

Here’s a rundown of typical boiler symptoms that require the expertise of a qualified boiler technician so you can determine when and who to call for repairs:

  • No heat at all
  • Signs of water leakage
  • Unusual noises
  • Pilot won’t stay lit
  • Low water pressure
  • Radiators not fully heating

No heat at all

This could be caused by air in the system, failures of valves or circulation pump, loss of water level or thermostat issues.

Signs of water leakage

There are numerous potential sources of water leaking in a boiler system. Some are inexpensively resolved; others may mean major component failure.

Unusual noises

Generally speaking, a boiler system should operate silently. Rumbling, banging, whistling and gurgling sounds usually mean a problem somewhere, but it takes a trained boiler technician to determine exactly what and how serious it is. For example, build-up of mineral deposits in the boiler or air getting into the system are common causes of noisy operation.

Pilot light won’t stay lit

This could be a defective thermocouple shutting off the gas supply. It’s a safety issue that should only be addressed by a qualified professional, so find out who to call for boiler repair and take care of this problem right away.

Low water pressure

All boilers require a certain minimum water pressure. If pressure drops below that level, a safety cutoff switch will automatically turn off the boiler. Potential issues that cause low pressure range from leaks to air in the system to problems in the expansion tank.

Radiators not fully heating

Air in the system due to a number of possible causes and/or sludge build-up could be responsible. A full system bleed, as well as chemical flushing, may be required.

DIY Boiler Troubleshooting Tips

boiler parts

Before you decide who to call for boiler repair, there are some quick and easy troubleshooting steps to try first. These steps help correct simple issues that you don’t want to pay a technician to solve for you if you are able to avoid it.

It’s a No-Brainer, But…

Check the thermostat first. Make sure the heating system is turned on and the desired temperature setting is at least five degrees above current room temperature.

Any Signs of Life?

If your boiler has a controller and an LCD display screen, check to see that the screen is lit and receiving power. If it’s not, you may have an electrical failure or a defective circuit board in the controller. If the screen is lit, check for any fault codes or error messages that may be displayed. Write them down and pass them on to the HVAC contractor when you call. If the display screen and other indicator lights are dark, go to the electrical panel and look for any tripped circuit breakers. If you find one, reset it and check the boiler again.

Check the Gas and Pilot Light

At the boiler, the main gas valve should be in the “open” position. If it’s not, call your HVAC contractor and inquire why. If work was recently performed, it may have been inadvertently left closed. Verify the reason before you turn on the gas.

If the system incorporates a standing pilot light, see if it’s lit. If not, follow manufacturer’s re-lighting instructions. Frequently, a defective thermocouple will extinguish the pilot and prevent re-lighting. In that case, you’ll need professional help.

Newer boilers utilize electronic hot surface ignitors instead of standing pilot lights. Usually, there’s a conspicuous reset button you can try to revive an electronic ignitor. If you have no luck resetting, your HVAC contractor can handle it.

If these tips are unable to resolve your system issues, know who to call for boiler repair to restore heat in your home fast.

Should I Retrofit My Boiler?

If your old boiler isn’t keeping your home warm, experiencing frequent breakdowns, or resulting in higher energy bills, retrofitting may be an option for you. A retrofit allows for improvements in performance, energy efficiency, and safety for your current boiler system without a full replacement.

As you consider who to call for boiler repair, be sure to ask about retrofit options. Common retrofits that improve existing boiler systems include:

  • Programmable or smart thermostat installation
  • Zoning system installation
  • New high efficiency burners
  • Modulating aquastats
  • Time-delay relay

During a retrofit, new technology is added to enhance your existing system and deliver the improvements mentioned about. These projects have a lower price than a full replacement yet still generate significant savings.

Ready to Replace Your Boiler?

If you are ready to trade your underperforming boiler for a new, high efficiency system, who to call for boiler repair is also an option for boiler replacement! Especially in older homes, aging boilers may be patched up over the years with retrofits and repairs, but they just don’t deliver the efficiency and performance that an entirely new boiler system does.

When you evaluate the decision to replace your boiler, consider the following:

  • How old is your boiler? Newer modulating boilers last on average 15 years or more, while older cast iron models last 20-30 years. These estimates are often improved with good maintenance, but if your boiler is near or at that age, it’s time to look into replacement options.
  • How high are your energy bills? Boilers lose efficiency as time goes on which raises your energy bills. With an older boiler in place, you are likely paying significantly more than you would with a new system.
  • How often do you need repairs? More repairs mean more expenses. Consider if those funds would be better invested into a new system that helps you save money rather than for patching up your old unit.

Ductless Offers a Heating and Cooling Alternative

Owners of older homes that originally had boiler systems often believe that’s the only option, because there is no ductwork installed in the home. Luckily, modern technology has provided an alternative – ductless heating (and cooling!).

If you’re looking for who to call for boiler repair but are considering replacement as well, ask about your options with ductless heating and cooling. These systems are installed with minimal intrusion regarding your home’s historic look and feel. They’re highly efficient, low maintenance, and offer the advantages of zoned comfort.

Call Apollo Home for Boiler Repair

Do you know who to call for boiler repair? Apollo Home, that’s who! We are your Cincinnati area boiler specialists, available to assist you with boiler repair, retrofits, replacement, and even alternative solutions. Call us today to schedule boiler repair.

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