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Carbon Monoxide Detection Protects Your Family

post img If you’re looking to give a gift of security and safety, arrange for Apollo Home to install carbon monoxide detectors and check off both boxes. While a carbon monoxide (CO) detector might not sound like the most exciting gift to give, it ranks high on the list of items which bring the recipient peace of mind. He or she will thank you should the detector ever alert them of life-threatening carbon monoxide buildup indoors.

Why You Need a Carbon Monoxide Detector

The Centers for Disease Control reports emergency rooms treat more than 20,000 people each year for non-fire related carbon monoxide exposures. This results in more than 4,000 hospitalizations and an average of about 400 deaths. The CDC also reports common sources of carbon monoxide exposure include household appliances such as:
  • Oil and gas furnaces
  • Motor vehicles
  • Stove/Gas range
  • Gas line leaks
  • Gas water heaters
  • Generators
  • Space heaters
Because it’s likely some of these CO sources exist in your home, you’d be wise to ensure the safety of your gift recipient to have carbon monoxide detectors installed in their home.

What to Look for in a Carbon Monoxide Detector

When shopping for carbon monoxide detectors, it’s important to note a couple of options exist on the market, each with their own advantages:

Plug-in and battery-operated

These models are less expensive and convenient. They are available in a range of price points and are ready to plug in straight from the box.


These detectors are powered by the same wiring for a home’s outlets and light fixtures to provide reliable detection. Some even come with a display panel so you can monitor your home’s current CO concentration in parts per million (ppm).

How Many Carbon Monoxide Detectors Do I Need?

In addition to determining the best kind of carbon monoxide detector for you or your recipient’s situation, it’s also helpful to know how many to buy, as one generally isn’t enough per household. Per the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, you should have CO alarms installed on each level of your home and outside sleeping areas. Skip attics or basements unless they house a gas-fueled appliance.

How to Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

How you mount a carbon monoxide detector depends on the type you buy. While anyone can install plug-in CO detectors — just plug into any outlet and make sure they’re free from obstructions such as furniture and drapes. Hard-wired detector installation requires some electrical experience and may be best left to the licensed electricians at Apollo Home. No matter what type of carbon monoxide detector you choose always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and requirements for installation. While some work best at levels five feet from the ground and below, you must install others on or near the ceiling. In general, you should also avoid installing CO detectors at these locations:
  • Areas with high humidity, such as bathrooms
  • Areas with temperatures below 40°F or above 100°F
  • Near areas with heavy ventilation
  • Within five feet of cooking appliances
  • Within 20 feet of combustion appliances
  • In direct sunlight

Maintain Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Don’t leave CO detectors off your list of home appliances and devices for routine maintenance. The U.S. CPSC recommends monthly tests. Keep other equipment, like gas furnaces, in check with seasonal tune-ups. This is easy with membership in the Apollo Care Plan. The Plan offers many benefits including priority scheduling and a VIP phone number.

Apollo Home is Your Partner for All Indoor Air Quality Needs

Help prevent carbon monoxide leaks in your home with regular heating and cooling system maintenance as well as duct sealing. From routine HVAC service calls and preventative maintenance to CO detectors, you can trust the pros at Apollo Home. They are certified and continuously trained to get the job done right. Contact one of our expert technicians to schedule a service call today!
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