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Planning Bathroom Remodeling, From Start To Finish

post img Planning bathroom remodeling requires working closely with your plumbing contractor and knowing the tasks that are involved to maximize your return on investment and enjoy the space for years to come. Your plumbing contractor should be familiar with code requirements, which will dictate factors such as the placement of the toilet. Working together at each stage will help you avoid problems and get a bathroom that meets all of your expectations. These are the general steps your plumber/contractor should follow when planning bathroom remodeling:
  • Evaluate wall placement – Building codes require a certain amount of space — clearance — around toilets and sinks. This is the first thing your plumbing contractor should check. If for some reason there’s not enough space for everything you want — a double vanity, for example, in a space where you had a single vanity, you’ll have to scale back or tear down a wall.
  • Follow codes – Once proper wall clearance is established, the plumber should create a mock-up of the layout. Most building codes require that a toilet be centered within a 30-inch space — you’ll need 15 inches of clearance on each side.
  • Install floors – If you’re having a concrete floor installed, any drain and supply lines should be put in first. Then the floor can be poured. If walls need to be constructed, that should be the last step. If you’re laying down a wood subfloor, walls should be constructed first, and then plumbing lines should be installed.
  • Correctly locate fixtures – To avoid having to cut into studs, the plumber should carefully center the tub between wall studs and then run plumbing lines.
  • Rough in the rest – The final step before the finishing touches involves roughing in systems like ventilation, heating, ductwork and electricals.
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