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We are dedicated to ongoing training plus strong benefits and a family-focused corporate culture

Greater Cincinnati needs more electricians! Apollo Home, a leader in electrical, plumbing and heating and air services, is actively recruiting electricians and individuals interested in becoming electricians. Since 1910, Apollo Home has worked hard to serve the needs of Cincinnati and its surrounding communities. You may know them for heating and air, and all the while they’ve developed a robust electrical business for installations, repairs and responsive service after severe weather. Additionally, there is a growing shortage of qualified electricians, plumbers and HVAC technicians. Apollo Home, a five-time recipient of the Cincinnati Enquirer’s “Best Workplaces” award, is meeting this trend with the Apollo Apprenticeship Program.

No Prior Electrical Experience Required for Apprenticeship

“We know there are lots of smart, personable men and women out there who enjoy learning new things, solving problems, helping others and who would be great candidates for the Apollo Home team,” said Jamie Gerdsen, CEO of Apollo Home. “We’re more interested in finding the right people. If a person has a little work experience, some post-high school education or have spent time in the military – that’s great. Regardless, we’re happy to train them in the technical trades, even paying them during training so they can focus on it. Getting paid to learn a trade allows them extra time with family and to be involved in their communities,” Gerdsen continued. A typical training program involves several weeks of classroom teaching, hands-on work, ride-alongs with veteran electricians and offsite specialty material. Apollo Home recognizes everyone has a different learning style. Some are more visual, some auditory and some are practical or hands-on learners. The apprenticeship program involves some of each to provide a comprehensive learning experience. Tests are to ensure the material is taught thoroughly and the trainers employ role-playing techniques to give students an opportunity to problem-solve in a learning environment.

Benefits of Apprenticeship Program for Electricians

There are multiple reasons to pursue this “Earn While You Learn” program:
  • There is no cost to the student to participate. Compared to the thousands of dollars a person might spend to attend a vocational or four-year college, this is a great advantage.
  • A graduate of the Apollo Apprenticeship Program moves into full-time employment with zero education debt. Traditional colleges offer very few concrete job prospects so students could spend years paying for an education, which didn’t prepare them for a  job.
  • Students earn a wage for training allowing them to maintain an income rather than overextending themselves with a second job, like most college students.
  • Upon successful completion of the program and industry certification, graduates become Apollo Home employees with a pay raise and eligibility for benefits.
  • The value of the Apprenticeship Program is approximately $20,000 – a significant investment in the individual by Apollo Home.
  • Apollo Home guides graduates along the licensing process.
  • The job of an electrician cannot be sent offshore. It’s highly in demand and continuing to grow, providing a stable career.
  • Apollo Home provides ongoing training, to stay up to date with emerging technologies and cross-train into other areas, like home automation.
  • Apollo Home provides a no-interest loan to graduates so they can purchase tools they’ll need for the job right away.
  • Mid-level electricians can easily earn as much or more than many jobs requiring multiple degrees.

Competitive Benefits for Apollo Home Employees

A truck is provided to technicians so he or she can head home after the last job, making fewer stops. “This makes life easier when our people can add more family time to their day, continued Gerdsen. “Apollo Home supports employees all-around, which includes enabling them to enjoy a work/life balance. We know, as a company, we are only as successful as our people and we want them to be us for a long time.” Other benefits for full-time employees include paid vacation, health, dental, vision and life insurance, a college savings plan, 401k personal retirement savings plan, free uniforms, a cell phone and tablet, gas for the company vehicle and more! Are you or do you know someone who’s graduating from high school or a graduate who’s still not sure what to do next? For more information about the Apollo Home Apprenticeship program for heating and air technicians, plumbers and electricians, contact one of the friendly members of the Apollo Home team. Get started on a fulfilling and well-paid career today!
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