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Job Well Done, Heating and Air System!

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Cincinnati kids are back in school today

August 15th means most students in Cincinnati are back in school. Your family may be readjusting to the school-year routine. Before the smell of new crayons wears off, schedule service on your heating and air equipment. Think of it as your home’s back-to-school routine! If you have fewer people home during the day, now is also a good time to adjust your programmable thermostat. Apollo Home carries many versions, including the entire suite of Nest technology.

Why Schedule Heating and Air Maintenance

It’s easy to take HVAC equipment for granted. If you’ve never purchased an air conditioner or furnace, you may not realize their value. They are some of your most critical home mechanicals. They tend to your comfort and safety. If they “came with the house” and you’re unfamiliar, heating and air equipment represents a significant investment. Maintenance for your heating and air equipment offers multiple benefits:
  • Extends the lifespan. Just like postponing oil changes for your car, skipping maintenance shortens the lifespan. Most air conditioners can last 10 – 15 years. Neglecting maintenance causes it to need major repairs sooner.
  • Optimal efficiency. Preventative maintenance includes an inspection for excess wear and tear. Heating and air technicians clean, test, and lubricate the components inside and out, so your unit runs at peak levels.
  • Lower energy bills. An efficient system runs the way it was designed, therefore costing less in utilities.
  • Normal wear. When an air conditioner or furnace is maintained, it runs without obstructions. Regular service ensures air filters are clear and the HVAC unit is not working harder than necessary. Overworking leads to inevitable repairs and even breakdowns.

Adjust Programmable Thermostat Settings

When there are more people in a room, it’s necessary to lower the thermostat. The extra occupancy makes up for the lower temperature. Therefore, when there are fewer people at home, you can raise the temperature. This maintains comfort while saving money on your energy costs. If you have a WiFi-enabled thermostat, you can even adjust it on the go! Imagine your programmed settings turn the air conditioning down at 3:30, before the kids arrive home from school. Have plans for a family pizza night out after sports practice? You can change the settings to reflect your later arrival time. Already settled in bed and forgot to turn down the thermostat? Open the app and virtually “dial” it to your sleeping preference.

Apollo Home is a Nest Dealer  

The newest technology includes “smart” thermostats like Nest. After a week of manual programming, the thermostat “learns” your household’s rhythms and intuitively adjusts. Nest “communicates” wirelessly with your air conditioner and furnace and can alert you to abnormal activity. It can also remind you to change the filter! Contact us at Apollo Home for more information on the Nest line, including security cameras and doorbells.

Invest in the Apollo Care Plan for Priority Benefits

Extend the life of your heating and air mechanicals with a preventative maintenance plan, like the Apollo Care Plan. Specially designed to preserve your home’s systems, the Plan also reduces quality time lost to inconvenient repairs. Thank your air conditioner for a job well done this summer, and call today. Contact the Cincinnati home services leader – Apollo Home. We’re eager to share our expertise about heating and air services. We’ve learned a lot in our more than 100 years and can use it to help you. Our friendly heating and air professionals are licensed, insured, and background-checked for your peace of mind. They receive ongoing certified training to stay current. They are more than happy to answer questions about our services and how to care for your equipment. Follow us on social media and call Apollo Home today!
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