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How a Sewer Camera Inspection Can Save You Money

post img Professional drain and sewer cleaning not only clears clogs, but it’s also effective preventive maintenance to avoid more costly issues later. That’s especially true for sewer problems. While you generally have some idea about how well your drains are functioning, what’s going on inside the sewer pipe buried beneath your front yard is often a complete mystery. Until something goes wrong, that is. Nothing beats a direct optical evaluation of the sewer. A high-resolution video camera with LED illuminator is threaded into your sewer pipe through an existing clean-out and extended all the way to the street. This gives a plumber experienced in drain and sewer cleaning an up-close look at any sewer clogs as well as the general status of the pipe. Catching sewer issues before they trigger a messy, damaging sewer backup avoids expensive after-the-fact repairs and cleanup. What hidden secrets might a video evaluation of your sewer pipe reveal?
  • Tree root infiltration. Trees send tiny feeder roots into sewers through joints in the pipe and other openings. Over a period of time these roots gradually inhibit proper flow through the pipe. Eventually, they totally obstruct the pipe and cause a damaging sewer reflux into your house.
  • Collapsing segments. Certain types of sewer pipes installed in residences in the past are prone to collapse after years on the job. Unfortunately, you probably won’t be aware of it until an expensive sewer backup occurs. A video evaluation can reveal early signs of a collapsing pipe and allow a professional plumber to offer re-piping options before damage occurs.
  • Underground leaks. A leaky sewer pipe is difficult to diagnose because the exact whereabouts of an underground leak is hard to determine from ground level. One alternative is to dig up most of your yard until the leak is found. A more efficient and less expensive method is an optical evaluation of the sewer pipe with a video camera to reveal the exact location and the precise spot to dig.
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