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Hosting Derby Day? Keep the Party Going with Whole Home Surge Protection!

post img The Kentucky Derby is a festive and exciting event for those who love a horse race. Along with Derby hats and Mint Juleps, make sure your home is ready to handle your Derby party with family and friends. Between your home theater, appliances, and electronics, a power surge is the last thing you want to deal with when you are celebrating your favorite horse. Apollo Home offers whole home surge protection to keep your sophisticated electronics and appliances safe no matter what!

Power Surge Basics

A power surge can happen at any time and in a matter of milliseconds! In the blink of an eye, your home’s valuables can be fried from the inside out. Not all power surges can be destructive; some can result in flickering lights or a computer freezing up. A power surge occurs when there is a spike in the electrical current of your home. The current is interrupted and then starts again, resulting in a power surge. Most people think power surges are only caused by lightning strikes or downed power lines. Lightning is the most dangerous, and it isn’t the most common cause of power surges in a home. Most power surges start inside a home from appliances and HVAC systems cycling on and off. Power surges buildup over time, damaging sensitive electronics and short-circuiting breakers.

Whole Home Surge Protection

A whole home surge protection system is required by building codes or homeowner’s insurance carriers and is recommended by the National Fire Protection Association. Surge protection is readily available and affordable for anyone. Whole home surge protection is a device installed in your circuit breaker box. A licensed electrician from Apollo Home will know what surge protection device is best for your home and work with your budget to get you the best protection possible. A surge protection device protects your home against currents flowing up to 40,000 amps from outside. Normal power in your home is between 200 and 300 amps. The device will detect any extra current during a power surge and safely directs it through the house’s grounding path.

The Benefits of Whole Home Surge Protection

The idea behind surge protection is simple, and the benefits are many, including:
  • You never know when a power surge will occur in your home considering how common they are. They cause a snowball effect in your electrical devices and major appliances, especially your heating and air unit. Surge protection extends the life of your HVAC equipment, other appliances, and expensive electrical devices.
  • Power surges aren’t covered under standard homeowner’s insurance policies, which means any damage due to a surge will be paid for out of your own pocket. You can ask for additional coverage for power surges, but the added cost won’t protect you from losing digital pictures on your computer or other sentimental items. Whole home surge protection ensures your valuables and electrical devices are safe every minute of every day.
  • While stronger surges are uncommon, they do still occur, frying expensive appliances and electronics in the aftermath. Whole home surge protection devices offer peace of mind by knowing your home and its valuables are protected at all times. Protect your home from surges inside and outside by installing a whole home surge protection device before it’s too late!
  Prevention is best when it comes to power surges and the damage caused by them. Call Apollo Home for whole home surge protection options and licensed electricians to install it right the first time! We will ensure your home, family, and valuables are safe from any power surge, big or small.
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