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Heat Rises: Keep Your Top Floor Cool this Summer

post img As summer heats up, you might notice a temperature variance between the lower and upper floors of your home. Instead of resigning yourself to this, you can take simple steps to make the whole home more comfortable. Here are tips on keeping all floors cool in the summer and saving energy:

Block Heat Gain from Windows

Windows are a significant source of solar heat gain. Window treatments reduce this by over half, keeping your home cooler. On the interior, use window blinds, solar curtains, insulated cellular shades or a combination of these to keep the heat out. On the outside, install awnings, sunscreens, window film or shutters.

Install Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans create a breeze, and this makes you feel cooler because air flowing over your skin evaporates sweat. With ceiling fans running, you can resist lowering the thermostat setting and spare an air conditioner from running so much. You will feel cooler and save energy at the same time. Make sure to choose the right size of fan for each room and have it professionally installed. Our technicians can perform your ceiling fan installation in the greater Cincinnati area.

Turn off Heat-Producing Electronics and Lights

Television sets and computers may not seem to produce much heat, but every bit counts, especially in enclosed areas. Keep them turned off and unplugged unless you are using them. Light bulbs also produce heat. Incandescent and halogen bulbs are some of the worst offenders, so keep these turned off as much as possible and, as soon as you can, buy compact fluorescent bulbs.

Insulate and Vent the Attic

When the attic temperature rises, this heat radiates into the home through the ceiling and walls. You will feel the effects of this the most in the upper levels of your home.  Have your attic checked to make sure the insulation and ventilation are adequate. If attic heat continues to be a problem, consider having an attic fan installed to vent the heat outdoors. For help keeping all floors cool in the summer, please contact us at Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing.
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