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Ductless AC and Heating – Great for Renovations & Additions

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Home expansions, renovations and additions are a big investment and adding heating, cooling and ductwork to these projects easily up the price and stress. Did you know ductless AC and heating is a cost-effective, efficient solution?  Use ductless air conditioners or ductless mini split heat pumps in sunrooms, extra bedrooms, man caves, she sheds, garages and more.

What is a Ductless AC Unit?

A ductless unit consists of two parts: an indoor air handler and an outdoor condenser unit, just like central air conditioning. It’s different in that it operates independently if you like. A ductless AC or mini split heat pump boosts the comfort in a single room difficult to fully heat and cool. It doesn’t require ductwork. 

Some Cincinnati homes use ductless units to add to existing central heating and air systems. Empty nesters, for example, find they only use two or three rooms regularly. Install ductless units in those rooms to augment the heating and cooling. The central air runs at a more energy-saving temperature while the ductless units make the main rooms more comfortable.

Some homeowners, however, choose to use ductless technology as part of a zoned heating and air system. This foregoes the central air conditioner and furnace or central heat pump equipment altogether. Depending on the model, you may connect up to six ductless indoor units to a single outdoor condenser unit.

Why is Ductless HVAC Good for Renovations, Remodels and Building Additions? 

No ductwork is what makes it ideal for renovations or building additions. Adding ductwork is an additional part, labor and time expense. If you’re finishing an attic, garage workshop or building addition, ductless technology is often the ideal solution. 

If you want to convert an older home using noisy, inefficient window units to energy-efficient, quiet heating and cooling, ductless is your answer. 

Older homes often have tricky architectural elements to work around which makes ductwork fabrication time-consuming and expensive. Skip the hassle and jump straight to ductless units. It may even expedite historic building permit situations. Check with your local municipality to be sure.

Benefits of a Ductless AC unit

Easy Installation Process

Unlike your central air system, a ductless AC unit requires absolutely no demolition work. Rather than waiting days to weeks for comfortable air, HVAC techs install your new system often within a single day. 

During installation, the HVAC tech mounts the indoor units on the ceiling or wall. The indoor unit, or air handler, distributes the heating and cooling to the room. The outdoor unit condenses the air. 

To connect them, the technician drills a three-inch hole in the wall. No more security concerns about wedging a unit in a window! This hole connects the refrigerant and electrical lines between the indoor and outdoor equipment. 

No Ductwork

Without ductwork, the headache of leaky ducts, blocked vents and wrong-size ductwork issues are a thing of the past. Because your system is directly connected to your room, airflow is more consistent. Better airflow means greater energy efficiency and in turn, lower utility bills. Many ductless units are ENERGY STAR rated, too. 

Zone Control

If you prefer a cooler room while your spouse is always chilly, zone control is great. Each air handler, or ductless unit, has its own thermostat. Most models have a remote control to adjust temperatures or to turn it on or off. 

Energy Efficiency

Many ductless AC and heat pump units achieve superior energy efficiency through the use of inverter technology. This allows the compressor motors to constantly adjust, which creates greater comfort as well as lower energy consumption. 

What is Inverter Technology?

In air conditioners, an inverter controls the speed of the compressor motor to constantly regulate the temperature. The inverter uses a variable-frequency drive to control the speed of the electromotor and by extension, the cooling output. 

The drive converts AC current as it comes into DC before modulating with the electrical inverter to produce the desired frequency current. Microcontrollers sample surrounding air temperature and make tiny adjustments to the speed of the compressor. 

Imagine a car with one gear: “go.” When your choices are on or off, the surge of power at start up creates more wear and tear on the unit. It also uses a lot of energy when maybe a little is needed. Imagine a car with six gears. When it comes to driving speed and fuel consumption, you have a lot of options! 

Inverter technology reduces fluctuations in load and extends the life of parts. This technology helps the ductless units run more quietly and last longer. Most have average lifespans much longer than traditional air conditioners. 

The upfront cost is sometimes higher but lower monthly electric bills negate the expense. Depending on the model and usage, the payback time could be as little as two years. 

Another benefit of inverter technology in duct free split systems is better humidity removal in cooling mode. Because it normally runs at a low speed, more air passes over the evaporator coils of chilled refrigerant. This allows more water vapor to condense and drain away.

Indoor Air Quality

Many ductless AC units use air filters and trap indoor particulates exceptionally well. This provides effective air quality management as well as efficient cooling and heating.

With traditional HVAC systems, it is easy for dust, mold, pet dander, and other airborne allergens to clog up air ducts, contaminate the air, and make you sick. In contrast, ductless mini split air conditioning offers multi-stage filtration to drastically reduce air contaminants. This also means odors from cooking or cigars can’t travel through ductwork to other rooms.

Trust Apollo To Install Your Ductless AC Into Your New Addition

At Apollo Home, our technicians are constantly trained on the newest technologies in heating and cooling. With this experience, they offer you the best solutions for you based on your home and needs.

If you’re interested in adding a ductless AC unit to your newest addition or renovation, call us today. We offer free estimates and finance options so you can enjoy more comfort and lower energy bills right away. Click here to schedule a time that works for you.

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