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This DIY Home Safety Checklist Has Your Cincinnati Family in Mind

post img As you’re going about spring cleaning in your Cincinnati home, you won’t want to overlook a home safety checklist that helps rid your home of dangerous hazards that may compromise your family’s safety. It won’t take you very long to complete this simple checklist, and a minimal effort might just prevent a disaster.

Electrical hazard home safety tips

  • Check any extension cords or appliance cords for frays or cracks and replace if needed.
  • Look for overloaded outlets. There should only be one plug per outlet.
  • Remove any cords that run over heaters, pipes or under carpets or rugs.
  • Cover any exposed wiring you come across.
  • If you have any appliances that occasionally overheat or short out, repair or replace them. There’s no need to take a chance of a potential devastating accident.

Home safety surrounding chemical hazards

  • Be sure that any containers which contain flammable liquids, like gasoline or paint thinner, are stored in approved containers in well-ventilated areas away from your home.
  • If you must store flammable items inside your home, be sure they’re kept away from children, gas appliances, heat sources and open flames, and only store them in approved containers.
  • Oily rags should be stored in a sealed, metal container.
  • Educate your family about the danger of using flammable materials for cleaning or starting fires indoors.

Prevent potential fire hazards

  • Don’t allow flammable materials to stack up in your home. Throw away old newspapers, rags or other combustible materials after use.
  • Don’t store clothes, extra linens, bedding or other flammable materials near electrical equipment, gas appliances or your furnace.
  • Remove all yard waste such as leaves, tree branches and grass cuttings from your property.
  • Check to ensure that your chimney, flu pipe, dryer and gas vents are clean and have adequate airflow.
  • If you have a portable heater, make sure the automatic shutoff is working properly and the heater is placed on a level surface, away from high-traffic areas.
If you have any questions about home safety, please contact Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. We proudly serve homeowners in and around the greater Cincinnati area. Image via
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