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Common Signs of an Electrical System Malfunction

post img Is your home telling you that you need electrical services in Cincinnati? Electrical components such as wiring, switches and power panels incur wear and tear over time, just like plumbing or any other system in your home. At some point, malfunctions result and require professional electrical services in Cincinnati. Because safety is a crucial issue with electricity, signs that electrical system malfunction is developing shouldn’t be ignored. Here are some telltale symptoms that need to be checked out by a licensed professional electrician.
  • Circuit breaker issues. Circuit breakers in your main power panel that require frequent resetting are a red flag. It could be simply too many devices drawing excessive amps, or a sign of wear in the circuit breakers themselves. However, it could also be something more serious like a short that might cause a fire. Have a professional electrician diagnose the problem.
  • Flickering or dimming lights. If you notice light fixtures dimming intermittently, that’s a sign that electrical current is unstable. It tends to happen when a major appliance like an air conditioner turns on or off. Don’t dismiss it as “normal.” Your old wiring may be insufficient to handle new loads, or your main electrical panel can’t meet household demands anymore.
  • Warm wall outlets or fixtures. Components of your electrical system like outlets should remain cool to the touch. If any feel warm, have them checked out by a qualified professional electrician. It could be a sign of physical deterioration, such as a bad ground, or an indication of an overload elsewhere on that circuit. If any device is plugged in, unplug it and see if the outlet cools. Leave it unplugged and be sure to mention it to the electrician.
  • Burning smell. Because wiring is concealed within walls, unexplained odors of hot wiring or burning smells should be an immediate cause to contact an electrician. Turn off circuit breakers at the main electrical panel and call the fire department if you notice additional warning signs, such as smoke.
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