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Home Air Filters: Change Regularly and Watch Your System Perform Efficiently

post img If you’re like many homeowners, you don’t give much thought to your cooling equipment’s air filters. But just because they’re out of sight doesn’t mean that these important system components should be out of mind. Here’s a look at how taking care of your home air filters can boost home comfort while lowering your spending this summer.

The importance of home air filters

Although it may come as a surprise, a dirty air filter is actually the number one reason for HVAC system failures. When your filter gets clogged with dirt and debris, airflow to your system’s air handler is restricted. This puts extra strain on the air handler fan and ultimately could burn out the motor, causing the system to overheat and eventually fail. But before the system fails, the overall stress placed on the air handler and motor fan will cause your equipment to run inefficiently, meaning high utility bills. In addition to creating costly bills and the potential need for repairs, a dirty air filter can reduce your home’s comfort levels. Clogged air filters prohibit your heating and cooling equipment from operating as effectively as they should, and the buildup of dirt and debris in your air filter can lower your home’s indoor air quality, making it more difficult to breathe, or aggravating respiratory illnesses and allergies.

Properly maintaining your air filter

As a rule, it’s wise to inspect your air filter before first turning your heating or cooling systems on for the year, and once a month when the system’s being operated continuously. Typically, your air filter can be found right next to your furnace or air conditioning system air handler. Look for a hinged or removable cover about one inch in width, and the filter will be inside. To determine if replacement is necessary, take the filter out and hold it up to a light. If light’s unable to pass through the filter, the filter is too dirty and needs to be cleaned or replaced. For more information on changing your home air filters, or for other home efficiency tips, contact the professionals at Apollo Home Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. We proudly serve residents of the greater Cincinnati area. Image via
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